Ron DeSantis: ‘It Is Not Healthcare to Cut off the Private Parts of a Child’
“It is not healthcare to cut off the private parts of a child,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) reemphasized over the weekend as far-left activists grieve over some of the actions the Florida legislature passed to protect children from radical gender ideology. Read More.
Conservatives, Get Busy Ballot Harvesting Or Get Busy Losing
Useful legislative steps are being taken to ensure election integrity, but the reality is that the GOP needs to increase ballot harvesting. Read More.
The boycotts are working: Keep PUNISHING “woke” corporations by denying them your financial support
Not long after Anheuser-Busch decided to make a mockery of women by honoring transgender male-in-drag Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light sales fell by 26 percent. Read More.
Drone footage shows steady stream of migrants entering Texas before Title 42 expiration
Drone footage showed the steady stream of hundreds of migrants walking from Mexico to Texas days before Title 42 is set to expire. Read More.
WHO Power Grab
The World Health Organization is run by a bunch of power-hungry Third World grifters Read More.
The Pandemic Is Over, But We’ll Keep The Power
The World Health Organization has declared that the pandemic is over and that the public health emergency should end. Read More.
WATCH: Trump-DeSantis is a winning ticket, big time
A Trump-DeSantis GOP presidential ticket would crush President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, bringing in independents who are stubbornly sitting on the political fence. Read More.
Republicans Move To Curb Biden’s Federal Interference In Elections
Congressional Republicans introduced legislation on Tuesday designed to combat President Joe Biden’s attempts to insert the federal government into state and local elections. Read More.
Florida passes ‘bathroom bill’ that targets transgender community
The Florida legislature on Wednesday passed a “bathroom bill” that bans transgender people from using public restrooms that don’t align with their sex at birth. Read More.
PRESS RELEASE: Trump/DeSantis Defeats Biden/Harris In New Poll
A new poll just released by Political Media-Rasmussen has revealed that among likely voters former President Donald Trump would defeat President Joe Biden by a full seven percent margin, 48% to 41%, if the presidential election were held today. Read More.
IRS has purchased $10 million worth of guns, ammunition since 2020 to militarize agency
According to an April report released by watchdog group, the Internal Revenue Service has spent $10 million since 2020 on guns, ammunition, and other tactical gear in an effort to militarize the agency. Read More.
Alec Baldwin Gets The Best Justice Money Can Buy
Prosecutors dropped criminal charges against Baldwin, while his working-class employees take the fall, proving we have two systems of justice. Read More.
DeSantis expands death penalty law for convicted child rapists, defying Supreme Court precedent
Florida governor signs bill allowing the death penalty for convicted child rapists, defying current Supreme Court precedent Read More.
Yes, The Trans Movement Is Coming For Your Kids
An attempt by Minnesota Democrats to tinker with a statute defining sexual orientation is part of a broader attempt to normalize pedophilia. Read More.
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