Grocery prices driving some voters to Trump in 2024: 'Wants to make the economy better for people like us'
Unlikely voters are considering supporting Donald Trump in the 2024 election because of high grocery store prices and general inflation, according to a recent report. Read More.
150 House Dems Vote Against Bill For Deporting Non-Citizens Convicted Of DUI
On Thursday, more than two-thirds of House Democrats voted against legislation for deporting non-citizens who are convicted of DUIs, though it did pass with bipartisan support. Read More.
ICE arrests more than 100 illegal immigrants with child sex charges in 25 US cities
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 171 unlawfully present noncitizens in a major enforcement action spanning 25 U.S. cities, officials said. Read More.
Mark Zuckerberg's Wealth Grew $84 Billion in 2023 as Pedophiles Target Children on Facebook, Instagram
Zuck’s wealth ballooned even as lawsuits revealed the horrific depths of child sexual abuse and grooming occurring on Facebook and Instagram. Read More.
Americans are losing trust in almost every major profession, with doctors and police taking the biggest hits
Americans have lost trust in some of the most important roles in a society, including those in the medical industry, teaching, and especially positions of institutional power. Read More.
Veteran Who Smashed Satanic Statue In Iowa State Capitol Charged With Hate Crime
Michael Cassidy, a 35-year-old Navy veteran, was charged with a hate crime on Tuesday after he admitted to beheading a Satanic statue that was on display in the Iowa State Capitol building last month. Read More.
Republicans unveil effort to reverse Biden's latest crackdown on fossil fuels: 'Pure politics'
Senate Republicans introduced legislation Wednesday that would prevent the Biden administration from moving forward with its moratorium on liquefied natural gas (LNG) export permits. Read More.
Letting Human Nature Take Its Course
Every single Democrat in the United States House of Representatives will vote to continue allowing Cuba Alejandro to betray our country by allowing a full-scale invasion by his fellow Latinos (along with, of course, Chinese, Arab, and African terrorists). Read More.
Texas Gov. Abbott claims Biden is in violation of federal law as border surge continues
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott claimed Monday that President Biden is in violation of federal law as he refuses to enforce immigration statutes already on the books, adding that he is giving "mass parole" to foreign nationals who illegally ingress into the United States. Read More.
Montana CPS removes teen from family after they refuse to go along with sex change
A 14-year-old girl in Montana has been removed from her father and step-mother's custody after they opposed a series of moves made by the state and healthcare professionals to undermine their parental authority and facilitate a sex change for the girl. Read More.
“Twitter Files” Reporter Matt Taibbi Uncovers Plot to Stop Trump, Democracy Be Damned
Matt Taibbi uncovers corrupt, systematic, and longstanding efforts by leading Democrats to stop the election of Donald J. Trump in 2024 Read More.
BBC Won’t Hire People Who Don’t Embrace ‘Diversity’ Indoctrination
BBC staff are being ordered not to hire anyone who refuses to embrace ‘diversity’ indoctrination, a Telegraph report reveals. Read More.
Ex-IRS contractor who leaked Trump's tax records sentenced to 5 years in prison
Former Internal Revenue Service contractor Charles Littlejohn was sentenced Monday to 5 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to leaking former President Donald Trump's tax records, as well as those of some of the nation's wealthiest people. Read More.
Biden Admin Rolling Out Stove Regulation After Insisting It’s Not Trying To Ban Gas Stoves
The Biden administration released a final energy efficiency rule for stoves on Monday after promising that it has no intention to ban gas-powered models. Read More.

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