Mail-in ballots must have dates on envelopes, Pennsylvania appeals court rules
A Pennsylvania court has ruled that mail-in ballots must have accurate dates on envelopes, a ruling that will have a significant impact on this year's election. Read More.
Texas Gov Greg Abbott urges House Speaker Mike Johnson to take Congressional action to secure US-Mexico border
The Republican governor also touted the successes of the state’s comprehensive border security efforts through Operation Lone Star. Read More.
GOP Sen. Johnson vows rigorous COVID-19 investigation if Republicans win Senate
Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson on Thursday vowed that, should Republicans take the Senate majority in 2024, he would pursue a rigorous investigation into the federal government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) eschewing of potential non-vaccine treatments. Read More.
The Economic Consequences of the Baltimore Catastrophe
The economic consequences of the calamity in Baltimore are likely to be substantial. Read More.
Freeloading migrant influencer mocks US taxpayers who 'work like slaves' while waving cash in latest videos
Leonel Moreno, the illegal immigrant "migrant influencer" who has urged his followers to use squatter laws to take over vacant American homes, took to Instagram Wednesday after an apparent TikTok ban to mock American taxpayers. Read More.
The Inversion of Truth
The most recent Gallup Poll indicates that a full 55% of the American people have now turned on Israel and cast their lot with the terrorist gang Hamas. Read More.
Voters Say Immigration Is Top Issue Facing Country, Biden Faces Widespread Disapproval On Immigration
Voters say that immigration is the single biggest issue facing the country, with President Joe Biden facing his lowest approval rating over his handling of immigration, a new poll has found. Read More.
Transgender Competitor Wins Women’s National Weightlifting Competition
A transgender weightlifter won the Masters National Weightlifting Championships in Reno, Nevada, on March 24. He came in first in the women’s 76-kilogram weight category. Read More.
New York City begins giving illegal immigrants prepaid debit cards as part of $53 million pilot program
New York City officials have begun handing out debit cards, which are meant to be used to purchase food and baby supplies, to migrant families residing in the Big Apple. Read More.
Reagan Farewell Address
Will you take a trip back through time with me? On January 11, 1989, President Ronald Reagan bid his farewell to the nation he had led so nobly from days of abject darkness… to a “shining city upon a hill.” Read More.
Bond in Trump's civil fraud case reduced to $175M from $464M
Trump had been order previously to pay a nearly half-a-million dollar bond to the court for the judgement against him. Read More.
Majority of 56% Believe Joe Biden Trying to Win by Jailing Trump
A clear majority of 56 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden is looking to win the 2024 election by jailing his opponent, Donald Trump. Read More.
Pride flags have been banned from all US embassies as part of Biden's $1.2 trillion spending package
The New York Post recently reported that Pride flags will no longer be allowed to fly at U.S. embassies. Read More.
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