Fauci pushes masks, vaccine mandates for airline travel in apparent shot against industry
Some airline executives have suggested masks are unnecessary on flights, while the Biden administration has resisted a vaccine mandate for airline travel. Read More.
Judge Orders New York Times to Return James O’Keefe’s Legal Memos
A New York judge ordered the New York Times Friday to return and destroy all copies it possessed of legal memoranda prepared for James O’Keefe’s investigative journalism company, Project Veritas, saying it had violated his rights. Read More.
Supreme Court to Hear Challenges to Biden’s OSHA, Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandates
The Supreme Court announced late Wednesday that it will hear oral arguments in appeals against President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates for businesses with 100-plus employees and for healthcare workers. Read More.
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot To Unvaccinated: 'Your Time Is Up!'
Although the omicron variant is rapidly vanishing in its South African country of origin, US tyrants like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Fauci are still trying to ramp up the fear to put Americans against Americans. Read More.
‘Enormous’ Scale of Pandemic Relief Fraud Hits $100b on Joe Biden’s Watch
The U.S. Secret Service named a pandemic fraud recovery coordinator Tuesday as it frantically moves to stem stolen benefits draining upwards of $100 billion from government relief provisions. Read More.
Biden’s and Fauci’s Calls for Segregated Christmas Undermine Confidence in Vaccine
After more than a year of doing everything in his waning power to undermine faith in the Trump Vaccine, His Fraudulency Joe Biden did it again this week in calling for a segregated Christmas. Read More.
New York Prep School Announces Students Will Be Suspended for Failure to Comply with Mask Mandate
The Horace Man School, a preparatory academy in the Bronx, NY, sent an email to students and their families on Tuesday warning them that they will be suspended and possibly even expelled for failing to comply with the school’s mask mandate. Read More.
Austria Going Full Gestapo?
According to Swiss newspaper Blick, the large Austrian city of Linz is hiring people - at a hefty salary - to hunt down their fellow citizens who have not come forward to take the government-mandated covid shot. Read More.
Federal judge blocks Biden's vaccine mandate in 10 states, says it goes beyond workplace authority
The decision from a Missouri judge follows a halt placed on the nationwide mandate by a Georgia judge earlier this month. Read More.
Is The Omicron Explosion A Pandemic...Or A 'Test-demic'?
Headlines are screaming about the rapid increase in the omicron variant. It's taking over! We are told it is much more easily spread than previous strains of the virus...but what role is testing playing in driving up the numbers? Read More.
Busted! The Great Fauci/NIH Anti-Science Conspiracy!
Busted by their own emails! Fauci and his boss, NIH Director Francis Collins, engaged in a conspiracy to defame and destroy the work of three prominent scientists from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford, which challenged the Fauci/Collins lockdown strategy to address last year's virus outbreak. Read More.
Omicron: The Lockdowners’ Last Stand
Just as President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccination mandates were being ripped up by the courts, authoritarian politicians, public health bureaucrats, and the mainstream media, announced a new Covid variant to justify another round of lockdowns and restrictions. Read More.
Fed Monetary Policy Is No Substitute For Monetary Reform
It turns out inflation is not "transitory" after all. It's much worse! But should anyone be surprised, considering the Fed has created more new dollars than at any other time in history? Read More.
DHS Alejandro Mayorkas: Silicon Valley ‘Committed’ to Speech Curbs
Alejandro Mayorkas, the nation’s zealously pro-migration border chief, says the nation’s technology companies want to curb Americans’ speech that is deemed “misinformation.” Read More.
Congressional Republicans Press New Twitter CEO Over Censorship Of Free Speech
House Republicans requested information about the content moderation plans of Twitter’s new chief executive officer in a letter Thursday. Read More.
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