Kamala Harris Casts Tie-Breaking Vote for $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Spending Package
Vice President Kamala Harris cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate early Friday morning, confirming passage of President Joe Biden’s massive $1.9 trillions coronavirus relief plan. Read More.
Fauci: 'No Super Bowl Parties!'
Top Biden Administration Covid advisor Tony Fauci is back to warn Americans that "now is not the time" to get together with friends to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. Read More.
Biden’s America: Feds to Enforce Mask Order
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest order, requiring individuals to wear masks when using public transportation or residing in transportation hubs, will be “further enforced by other federal authorities,” the agency announced in its order, which went into effect this week. Read More.
Should 'Conspiracy Theory'-Believing Members Of Congress Be Expelled?
There are growing demands - especially among Democrats - to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from Congress over reports that she believes or endorses "conspiracy theories" such as the "Q" conspiracy theory and others. Read More.
The Authoritarian & The Libertarian
​The authoritarian sees the world (and especially the other people in it) as something that he has to order, organize and fix. Read More.
Fake Trial: What If Trump Just Didn't Show Up?
The Senate trial of former president Donald Trump is a farce, dead on arrival, and a mockery of justice. Read More.
Libertarian Terrorists?
The Department of Homeland Security issued on Wednesday a nationwide terror alert lasting until April 30. Read More.
Bait and switch? Biden breaks promise to Georgia voters
Prior to his inauguration, Joe Biden promised Georgia voters last month during the heat of the state's two closely contested Senate races that he'd get them $2,000 for pandemic relief. Read More.
This Legal Hurdle Could Trip Up Biden’s Cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline
A recent Supreme Court case may provide guidance against Biden's cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Read More.
Trump Announces New Impeachment Legal Team
Former President Donald Trump announced his new impeachment defense team Sunday, hours after his previous legal team disbanded. Read More.
Josh Mandel: Keep Ohio Red by Maintaining ‘Trump Coalition’
Josh Mandel, the former Ohio treasurer, told Breitbart News Saturday that the key to keeping Ohio red ahead of the 2022 Senate elections is to maintain the working-class “Trump coalition.” Read More.
CDC Now Demands TWO Masks - Science...Or Tyranny?
According to CNN, the CDC is demanding that people wear two masks when on public transport. Failure to comply could result in prosecution according to the news report. Is there any science behind it? Read More.
Government Unhinged: No Constitutional Restraints, Just Executive Orders!
In just 9 days, President Biden has signed a record 40 executive orders, actions and directives. This is a far cry from the schoolbook instructions on "How a bill becomes a law." Is this what "our democracy" has come to mean? Read More.
NY Health Commissioner Releases Nursing Home Death Tally
New York health commissioner Howard Zucker has released a more complete tally of coronavirus victims who lived in nursing homes in the state, after a report from state Attorney General Letitia James alleged the Department of Health undercounted the death toll. Read More.
Biden Administration ‘Actively Looking’ at COVID-19 Test Mandate for Domestic Air Travel
CDC Dr. Marty Cetron confirmed the organization is “actively looking” at whether COVID-19 testing should be mandated for domestic U.S. flights on Wednesday. Read More.

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