WATCH: Kari Lake Suspicious After TV Station Mistakenly Airs Election Results Showing Her Losing To Hobbs
Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake implied she smelled a rat after the TV station she once worked for posted a graphic showing her losing to Democrat Katie Hobbs nearly two weeks before Election Day. Read More.
How the ‘Hammer’ nailed it on gun rights
If you’re packing heat, chances are you owe a debt of gratitude to the American Framers and Marion Hammer. Read More.
NY Shocker: Supreme Court Judge Demolishes Vax Mandate, Orders Reinstatement!
New York State Supreme Court Judge has ruled that the city of New York must reinstate all 2,000 workers fired for refusing the Covid shot WITH back pay. The city's termination of the employees was "arbitrary, and capricious." Also today: US military personnel are blowing the whistle on their own vax mandate. Read More.
Smackdown! House Dems Desperately Walk Back Letter Urging Diplomacy For Ukraine
How it started: 30 Members of the House Progressive Caucus penned a relatively timid letter to President Biden suggesting a bit of diplomacy before we march to WWIII. Read More.
Political ‘Justice’ in America
Josef Stalin’s top henchman famously said, “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” What it meant was that Soviet justice was about politics, not the rule of law. First decide who, for political reasons, is to be punished, and then the state will provide the crimes for which he will be charged. Read More.
Joe Biden was 'complicit in six alleged white collar crimes' 634-page watchdog report claims
Report by Marco Polo claims Joe is complicit in tax evasion, violations of the Presidential Records Act and using nonpublic information from a government job for financial gain. Read More.
‘Shameful’: Team Biden releases record-breaking border report late Friday: 2,766,582 ‘encounters’
In a move critics say was made to limit political fallout, Team Biden waited until late Friday evening to release a report on the number of illegals encountered at the U.S. southern border in September. That number, 227,000, shattered past records set on Joe Biden’s watch. Read More.
January 6 committee formally subpoenas Trump
On Friday, its leaders said they had sent a subpoena demanding documents and testimony from Donald Trump. He has until November 4 to begin complying Read More.
More & More People Have Had It With "Woke Capitalism" and "Climate Finance"
More and more people are realizing the absurdity of "getting rid of fossil fuels," and don't find the idea of "eating the bugs" as appetizing. We work to bring home the bacon, not the insects. Read More.
Steve Bannon sentenced to 120 days for defying Jan 6 committee, released pending appeal
Bannon was found guilty by a DC court in July for two counts of contempt of Congress, in regard to his refusal to comply with subpoenas from the January 6 House Committee. Bannon has plead not guilty to the charges. Read More.
Washington’s Great Big Economic Mess
During the past three years, Washington has made three catastrophic errors. These include:​The draconian one-size-fits-all Lockdowns in response to the Covid; The insane $11 trillion bacchanalia of monetary and fiscal stimmies designed to counter the supply-side shutdowns caused by the Virus Patrol;The mindless Sanctions War on Russia Read More.
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