When in the Course of Human Events…
Never before in history has a political organization openly established such a rigorous – and essential – platform for real and lasting change as Constitutional Rights PAC’s Five Pillars of Political Reform. Read More.
Tucker Carlson’s Prayer Talk May Have Led to Fox News Ouster: “That Stuff Freaks Rupert Out”
Fox Corp. chair Rupert Murdoch is said to have balked at Carlson’s remarks in a Friday night speech, driving another theory about the prime-time star’s abrupt exit. “He doesn’t like all the spiritual talk,” said a source. Read More.
Biden Invites More Illegal Immigrants By Proposing ‘Free’ Health Care At Your Expense
The administration wants to allow hundreds of thousands of individuals here illegally to obtain federal subsidies for health-care coverage. Read More.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Like Father, Like Son?
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is going to be the next president of the United States. Read More.
‘I’m Shocked’: Trump Reacts To Tucker Carlson’s Departure From Fox
Former President Donald Trump said Monday that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was “terrific” and was stunned at his departure from the network. Read More.
Tucker is Out!
"In every generation there has to be some fool who will speak the truth as he sees it.” — Boris Pasternak Read More.
Governor Sununu Defends Second Amendment On NBC: Gun Control Laws Don’t Work
New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu aggressively defended the Second Amendment over the weekend during an interview on a left-leaning news network. Read More.
'Hall of Heroes' Welcomes MTG!
We proudly induct the inimitable Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene into our Constitutional Rights PAC Hall of Heroes Read More.
Louisville Shooter Killed Five To Get Firearms Banned — And Democrats Are Happy To Oblige
The U.S. is apparently at such a stage of degeneracy that anti-gun radicals are buying guns to shoot people and make the case for banning firearms. Read More.
Tell Joe No!
I urge you to call your Senators and tell them that girls' sports are not for boys! Read More.
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