Trump: Fight In Gaza Coming To U.S. Thanks To Biden Border Crisis
Former President Donald Trump warned Monday that Hamas terrorism is coming to the U.S. after “tens of thousands” of Middle Eastern men have “invaded” the country through the southern border. Read More.
Gun Grab: State Democrats Pass Sweeping Gun Control Bill in Reaction to Recent Pro-2A Supreme Court Decision
Gun control laws restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens while doing little to deter criminals from terrorizing the public. Read More.
Looney Liz Cheney
As Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots, we will not be silenced by the like of Liz Cheney! Read More.
New York judge threatens to lock up Trump over alleged 'gag order' violations
“I will now allow the defendants to explain why this blatant violation of the gag order would not result in serious sanctions, including financial sanctions or possibly imprisoning him.” Read More.
Texas Attorney General Slams Colony Ridge For ‘Enabling Illegal Alien Settlement’
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton slammed Colony Ridge on Thursday for enabling illegal alien settlement in the state and bashed public officials who have helped facilitate the development’s growth. Read More.
Biden Admin To Pour $3.5 Billion Into Electric Grid Projects That Benefit Pro-Dem Union
The Biden administration is spending nearly $3.5 billion to upgrade the nation’s electric grid, and many of the supported projects will involve a labor union that has donated overwhelmingly to Democratic candidates and organizations, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced Wednesday. Read More.
Jim Jordan Needs Our Support!
Tell the GOP Squish Caucus to knock off the nonsense, stop siding with the radical Democrats – and back Jim Jordan NOW!!! Read More.
Twitter user Douglass Mackey sentenced to 7 months in prison after being found guilty of election interference for making memes disparaging Hillary Clinton
Meme-maker Douglass Mackey was sentenced in New York criminal court on Wednesday after a March conviction for conspiracy against rights, ie election interference, over memes he created during the 2016 presidential election that disparaged Hillary Clinton. Read More.
Jim Jordan Fails To Become Speaker of the House In Second Round Of Votes
House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan failed to receive enough votes Wednesday to become the next Speaker of the House. Read More.
Tom Cotton calls for deporting pro-Hamas foreign nationals from the US
Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas is calling for the deportation of foreign nationals who have expressed support for Hamas and the terror group's brutal attacks against Israel. Read More.
Kamala Harris Calls for “Assault Weapons” Ban of “Weapons of War” After Unarmed Israelis Massacred by Hamas
A little over a week after Hamas massacred over 1,400 unarmed Israeli civilians (also police and soldiers), Kamala Harris posted a call for an “assault weapons” ban Read More.
Biden Health Department Forces ALL Employees To Use ‘Preferred Pronouns’
The Department of Health and Human Services, headed up by Joe Biden’s transgender ‘Admiral’ Rachel Levine, has enforced a mandate that all employees must use ‘preferred pronouns’ and acknowledge the gender identity of their colleagues. Read More.
It Occurs to Me…
Today, some random thoughts that I hope you will find well worth pondering. Each proving anew that the leftwing radical assault on America and all that it stands for is designed for one reason and one reason only: To enslave the “land of the free” and enervate the “home of the brave.” Read More.
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