Most Americans do not believe Trump acted illegally in New York fraudulent docs case: AP/NORC poll
35 percent said that Trump acted illegally in the case, 31 percent said he acted unethically but not illegally, 14 percent said he did nothing wrong, and 19 percent said they “don’t know enough to say.” Read More.
House committee finds Chinese government pushes fentanyl materials, fueling drug crisis
A new report Tuesday detailing the Chinese Communist Party’s role in the fentanyl crisis plaguing the country details the findings of a House investigation that concluded the Chinese government subsidizes the manufacturing and export of fentanyl materials and refuses to crack down on the illicit market. Read More.
Thomas Massie to join MTG in motion to vacate Mike Johnson as Speaker over border security, Ukraine funding
Rep. Thomas Massie said he will cosponsor a motion to vacate the House Speaker Mike Johnson with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Read More.
New RNC chief counsel Spies worked for Romney, Bush, DeSantis, downplayed 2020 election issues
"All of these examples, do not mean, by the way, that the election was stolen," Charlie Spies said. "When election officials' incompetence results in catastrophic errors and voters have to be concerned if their vote will count, voters lose their trust in the process,” Spies also wrote. Read More.
COVID Hoax Revealed
Some revelations are simply so shocking – and explosive – that they should never just be thrust upon the general public without proper preparation and … well, frankly… consoling explanation. Read More.
Americans say Biden was bad for country, Trump was good: NYT/Sienna poll
25 percent of Americans say that Biden has been “mostly good for America,” while 42 percent said the same for Trump. Read More.
FBI launches a criminal probe into the Baltimore bridge collapse
The FBI has officially launched a criminal probe into the sudden collapse of the Baltimore bridge that killed six construction workers, according to the Daily Mail. Read More.
More evidence surfaces that feds, scientists were allegedly hiding COVID origins truth
A Republican-led Congressional committee says a scientist and top advisor to Anthony Fauci used his personal email to hide evidence related to the origins of COVID-19. Read More.
This is how members of Congress get rich while you stay poor
We wonder why people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi stay in office forever. Why leave? There’s too much money to be made — but not for the average American. Read More.
Tennessee Senate passes bill allowing teachers to carry concealed firearms in classrooms
The Tennessee state Senate has passed a bill that would give teachers and staff in public schools across the state the ability to carry concealed firearms in their classrooms, provided they pass a rigorous background check and complete a training regimen. Read More.
Mideast Update
What is transpiring in the Mideast right now, even as I write to you, is so vitally important that your Constitutional Rights PAC would be remiss in not bringing you an update. Read More.
The People's President
Frankly, when you see how Donald Trump reacts with real people – And they react to him (in a predominantly black Chick-Fil-A, no less!) – You are going to fully understand why this man truly is, indeed, for and of the people. Read More.
Republican Attorneys General Warn Biden Admin About Challenging Election Integrity Laws
A group of 16 Republican attorneys general told Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday that he was sowing “distrust” in the American electoral system with his comments criticizing state election integrity laws. Read More.
Harvard reverses course, will require standardized test scores in applications
While the efficacy of standardized testing has been hotly contested over the years, new research suggests it is still the best predictor of post-secondary success. Read More.

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