Twitter is increasingly hostile to conservatives and their viewpoints, but users have found a refuge on Parler, a fast-growing conservative alternative to the popular social media platform.

The events of this year keep exploring new reaches of insanity that none of us thought possible when we were stupidly saying “Happy New Year!” to each other.

We’re back to this already. While enjoying a perfectly lovely dinner with nine other people as we were celebrating a friend’s birthday, I discovered that I’d missed the news that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey had issued another lockdown edict. I really wanted to like Ducey when I moved back to my native state a couple of years ago, but he’s been a continuing disappointment and makes me worry about Arizona’s ability to resist becoming purple for good during this next election.

Surprise, surprise: Burned-out buildings and increased crime aren’t the only things left in Minneapolis in the wake of the massive rioting over the past few weeks.

Evidently, black lives don’t matter, at least not the ones that can’t be used as political footballs to blame police, other races, or law and order.

A discovery made during an examination of a pre-pandemic sewage sample now threatens to upend conventional thinking on the origins of the virus behind COVID-19.

According to a number of videos posted to social media, protesters in DC placed a model guillotine in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Washington complex. A flyer for the event stated “End the abuse and profiteering. Abolish the police, the prisons, and Amazon.”

Everything 'flattening the curve' represented has been abandoned and now thousands have needlessly died, millions are out of work, and cities are burning

Antifa instigators engaged in yet more looting, violence, and arson on Thursday night and Friday morning in Portland, Ore., as they tried to set up another “autonomous zone.”

Twitter’s policies about misleading tweets and abusive behavior are deeply cynical and designed merely to censor speech Jack Dorsey doesn’t like.

If statues of our Founding heroes can be destroyed and what they stood for can be rejected with no resistance, no one else in this country is safe.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) said during a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives that Black Lives Matter was a mandate from activists and that it was “time” for the American people to “pay us what you owe us.”

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