Donald Trump Planning to Bring Back MAGA Rallies
Former President Donald Trump is planning to bring back his famous “Make America Great Again” political rallies, a source familiar with the discussions confirmed to Breitbart News. Read More.
Avoid The Man-Made Utopia Trap
Predictions, projections, prognostications, opinions...All of these are a dime a dozen. They're very cheap to create. It's not expensive to blurt out a prediction about the unknown future. Read More.
Idaho on track to become first state to ban critical race theory in public schools
Idaho’s Republican-controlled Senate passed a bill that would ban critical race theory lessons in all public schools. Read More.
Deep Corruption: Is The System Falling Apart?
From media to government to military to the "non-profit" sector, corruption seems to be tearing the United States apart. The media lies, the "watchers" are not being watched, billions of dollars are being transferred to the wealthy elites. Read More.
Texas gains two House seats, California loses one for first time after census numbers NEWS
The state of Texas will gain two more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and the state of California will lose one for the first time in its history, after new census data shows the population shifts of U.S. states over the past decade. Read More.
FISA court doc shows FBI looked for domestic terrorists without warrants, report
The FBI has without court orders looked through troves of National Security Agency foreign communications for information on American "racially motivated violent extremists," according to a news report based on a recently declassified report. Read More.
The Newsom Recall Effort Qualifies for a Fall Election
The effort to recall California governor Gavin Newsom has gained enough signatures to be placed on the ballot in November, according to the California secretary of state’s office. Read More.
Supreme Court takes up first major gun rights case in more than 10 years
The U.S. Supreme Court will take up the first major Second Amendment case in more than a decade, deciding whether the U.S. Constitution protects the right of Americans to obtain a permit to carry a handgun in public. Read More.
Fauci Flip-Flops Again! 'Ditch The Outdoor Masks'
After warning repeatedly of new waves and dark days, President Biden's chief Covid advisor Dr. Fauci has again flip-flopped. No longer is it "science" to wear masks outside, he says, after urging outdoor mask-wearing just months ago. Read More.
Increasing the Capital-Gains Tax — Penalizing Initiative, Enterprise, and Not Just ‘the Rich’
Mr. Biden will propose several tax increases he included in his campaign’s “Build Back Better” agenda. That starts with raising the top marginal income tax rate to 39.6 percent from 37 percent, the level it was cut to by President Donald J. Trump’s tax overhaul in 2017. Read More.
Defund The Police? No Difference Between The Two Parties? -- Ask The Co-Hosts!
Dr. Paul's two co-hosts, Daniel McAdams & Chris Rossini answer viewer questions on today's Ron Paul Liberty Report! Read More.
Is Jerome Powell Rumpelstiltskin?
One of the oldest stories in human history is encapsulated in the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale. The original story is thought to be over 4,000 years old and remains relevant today because it fascinates the human brain to imagine it’s actually possible to create enormous wealth without the bother of hard work, sacrifice and self-discipline. Read More.
‘Loot For Justice’: BLM Agitators Target Stores in California
BLM agitators tried to organize a ‘loot for justice’ event by targeting a shopping mall in California, prompting a police response. Read More.
Searching For Truth In A Time Of Deceit - With Guest Gary Heavin
Things are moving fast. Great reset. Build back better. Cancel culture. Media power. Big tech. How can we search for truth in what appears to be a time of deception? RPI Board Member, filmmaker, and philanthropist Gary Heavin joins today's program. Read More.
The Plan to Regulate Ghost Guns
The proposal would tighten up the standards dramatically. It would treat “a weapon parts kit that is designed to or may readily be assembled, completed, converted, or restored to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive” as a firearm. Read More.

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