So far the Trump administration has been as dependable as a Rolex. When global actors threaten American interests, Trump takes notice. Washington then pressures with one hand and offers an off-ramp with the other

As with Barack Obama’s salesmanship of Obamacare more than a decade ago, 2020 candidate Kamala Harris’ health plan relies upon impossibly promising everything to everybody

Joe Biden’s been in Washington D.C. for nearly 50 years and he’s finally got a plan

Being part of a family that’s harassed by a gang isn’t enough on its own to qualify for asylum, Attorney General William P. Barr ruled Monday, in the latest effort by the administration to put a cap on the expanding universe of asylum claims

Donald Trump is the odds-on fave to win reelection, and the Republicans can take back the House and keep the Senate if they aren’t stupid and incompetent – meaning it’s far from a done deal

President Trump on Monday signed legislation extending the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund in a Rose Garden ceremony where he was joined by first responders and families of those who died from illnesses caused by their proximity to the attacks

DPRK official illicitly operating weapons scheme from Vietnam

Antitrust enforcement has not always been perfect, but in this instance it is apt regarding the Big Four: Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon

House Democrats filed a lawsuit Friday in an attempt to get grand jury information from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report

Okay, so conservatives aren't happy with the budget deal. President Trump and the Republicans struck a compromise with Nancy Pelosi on a two-year, $2.7 trillion agreement that passed the House and is likely to pass the Senate next week

The U.S. economy is roaring. More voters rate the economy positively today than have since 2001

This was a week the President could only have dreamed of

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