This is how members of Congress get rich while you stay poor
We wonder why people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi stay in office forever. Why leave? There’s too much money to be made — but not for the average American. Read More.
Tennessee Senate passes bill allowing teachers to carry concealed firearms in classrooms
The Tennessee state Senate has passed a bill that would give teachers and staff in public schools across the state the ability to carry concealed firearms in their classrooms, provided they pass a rigorous background check and complete a training regimen. Read More.
Mideast Update
What is transpiring in the Mideast right now, even as I write to you, is so vitally important that your Constitutional Rights PAC would be remiss in not bringing you an update. Read More.
The People's President
Frankly, when you see how Donald Trump reacts with real people – And they react to him (in a predominantly black Chick-Fil-A, no less!) – You are going to fully understand why this man truly is, indeed, for and of the people. Read More.
Republican Attorneys General Warn Biden Admin About Challenging Election Integrity Laws
A group of 16 Republican attorneys general told Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday that he was sowing “distrust” in the American electoral system with his comments criticizing state election integrity laws. Read More.
Harvard reverses course, will require standardized test scores in applications
While the efficacy of standardized testing has been hotly contested over the years, new research suggests it is still the best predictor of post-secondary success. Read More.
Amendment to end warrantless surveillance up for vote as FISA renewal bill moves to House floor
A bill to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is moving to the House floor for a final vote, likely to take place by Thursday, and an amendment to end warrantless surveillance will be considered by the full House of Representatives. Read More.
Child sex change whistleblower tells Dr. Phil 'doctors are acting like God'
Jamie Reed, a former pediatric gender clinic employee who blew the whistle on the horrors she had witnessed involving doctors performing sex change procedures on minors, told Dr. Phil that many minor patients regretted their decision and begged to have their surgeries reversed, which could not be done. Read More.
We Don't Need No Rocking Chair
With all of the bad news out there – most of it generated by the total ineptitude of Toxic Joe Biden and his Rogue Regime – There comes a time when even we bare-knuckle combat brawlers need to catch a breath and crack a smile. Read More.
Persecution of Trump’s lawyers imperils the rule of law
We don’t live in a free country any more. Perhaps you hadn’t noticed. Read More.
Biden Crime Spree
When it comes to breaking the law, Joe Biden makes Al Capone look like Caspar Milquetoast. Read More.
Trump releases abortion stance, says states should determine regulations on procedure
Presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday announced his stance on abortion ahead of the November election, sticking, as expected, with the Supreme Court decision that the matter should be decided by the states. Read More.
Biden admin pushes 'racial equity' in new student debt plan for 'more than 30 million borrowers'
The plan “would fully eliminate accrued interest for 23 million borrowers” and “would cancel the full amount of student debt for over 4 million borrowers.” Read More.
The One Word
No, this is not a Christmas message – But it is a message of Christmas joy and enduring Advent faith. Read More.
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