High School Football Coach Fired for Praying at Games Given $2 Million Settlement
Joe Kennedy, the high school football coach fired for praying at games, has reached a $2 million settlement with the school board and will be reinstated as a coach. Read More.
Here Are All The Problems With California’s Expert Witness Testimony In Gun Ban Case
If the judge in Rupp v. Bonta follows the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, she will overturn California’s ban. Read More.
Catholic store goes on offense, sues Florida city over pronoun laws
A Catholic bookstore has filed a federal lawsuit against a Florida city to contest a "gender-discrimination" law, even though the establishment has not been cited for violating it. Read More.
CA Lawmakers Seek To Reverse Law That Prohibits Teachers From Disclosing Student Gender Identities
California Republican lawmakers introduced a bill that would require school districts to alert parents if their child is trans-identifying or “non-binary” Read More.
Texas Senate UNANIMOUSLY passes bill allowing fentanyl distributors to be charged with MURDER
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott celebrated the bill’s passage and said those who 'kill Texans' will face justice Read More.
North Carolina House sends pistol permit bill to Governor's desk
North Carolina’s House sent a sweeping firearms bill to the governor’s desk on Wednesday that would discard a longstanding requirement that handgun buyers obtain a permit from their county sheriff. Read More.
Women's college students vote to accept trans-identified and non-binary persons
The women's college declined to "release vote counts or a percentage of how many students voted in favor of the referendum." Read More.
Student denied mental health access for being White
A USF student was denied access to mental health services because he was not part of the right racial groups, exclusive emails and documentation obtained by Campus Reform show. Read More.
University of Texas women say biological males should have rights to women's spaces
Seeing that this has become an increasing issue, I asked college women if they would feel comfortable sharing their bathrooms and locker rooms with trans-women. Read More.
Florida House Committee Approves Parental Bill of Rights Expansion
A measure building upon Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which would expand the rules and requirements to eighth graders and address issues with preferred pronouns, has passed through a state House committee. Read More.
Welcome to Honduras North
Years ago, I was good friends with a member of the Honduran Congress. I liked the guy. He came from a well-to-do family, but he still seemed to me like a regular Joe (or Jose, as the case may be). In fact, I was so impressed by him that I urged him to run for president of Honduras. Read More.
Biden to sign executive order to require background checks on more gun sales
The executive order will increase background checks and prevent firearms dealers without licenses from selling guns Read More.
Student Wins Legal Battle with Montana State U. over Free Speech
A Montana State University (MSU) student has won her legal battle against the school, successfully getting the university to lift a no-contact order imposed on her after she refused to comply with a sorority’s “insistence” on preferred pronouns. Read More.
Joe Biden says Florida's prohibition against child sex changes is 'sinful'
"Ah transgender kids is a really harder thing. What's going on in Florida is, as my mother would say, close to sinful," Biden said. Read More.
Left-wing groups push Biden admin to get migrants to vote ahead of 2024 elections
The report urged agencies to 'work quickly to do everything they can' to increase voter turnout before 2024. Read More.

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