Class Warfare: Fed Counterfeiting & Lockdowns Hammer The Poor & Middle Class
The Fed’s counterfeiting of dollars hits the poor and those on fixed incomes like a sledgehammer. Read More.
Republican Canvassers Rescind Their Votes to Certify Wayne County, Michigan, Results
Two Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers in Michigan rescinded their votes to certify the election results, saying Wednesday they were bullied into changing their original votes, and state authorities had refused to conduct an audit. Read More.
Major New Study: No Evidence Masks Work
In the first comprehensive, peer-reviewed study the efficacy of face masks to prevent the spread of Covid has been called into question. Read More.
Covid Vaccine Controversy Explained - With Guest Bill Sardi
Health journalist Bill Sardi joins today's Liberty Report with the results from his extensive reporting on Covid and the rush to a vaccine. Find out why most everything the "experts" are telling wrong! Read More.
Wayne County, Michigan, Board Of Canvassers Breaks Previous Deadlock, Votes To Certify Results Of Election
The Wayne County Board of Canvassers voted in favor of certifying the county’s election results after a a 2-2 deadlock earlier Tuesday evening, numerous sources reported. Read More.
Rand Paul Vows To Resist Biden’s ‘Forever’ Lockdowns
“I’m going to do everything I can to try to prevent Biden from locking us up” Read More.
‘Experts’ Listed 27 House Races As Toss-Ups. Republicans Won All 27
On Monday, Burgess Owens, a former NFL player and vocal critic of Colin Kaepernick, was declared the winner of Utah’s 4th Congressional District. Read More.
Imagination Cannot Negate Reality
Ignorance is the nature of each individual human being. It is something that can never be fully discarded, no matter how long one lives. We can each relatively decrease and diminish our own ignorance, if we so choose. But we can never completely abolish it. Read More.
A Twist in the Georgia Recount
During the Georgia recount, a county stumbles upon a stash of votes they missed the first time, to the benefit of . . . President Trump. Read More.
Are You Going To Cancel Thanksgiving?
Across the country authoritarian governors and local officials are imposing new "guidelines" on Americans as they plan for the Thanksgiving holiday later this month. They are using coronavirus as an excuse to cancel the entire holiday season. Read More.
Will Biden Listen to the Science?
Former Vice President Joe Biden has not been officially declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, but that has not stopped him from forming a coronavirus task force. The task force is composed of supporters of increased government control. Read More.
Fauci To America: 'Do What You're Told!'
In a recent interview the newly resurgent Covid guru Dr. Anthony Fauci laid down the iron fist: I know we have an independent spirit in the US, he said, but now's the time to do what you're told! That is always the refrain from authoritarians. President Trump's coronavirus advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas, takes a very different approach. Read More.
FLASHBACK: Biden Transition Leader Says He Wants To Restrict Free Speech
President-elect Joe Biden’s transition leader for U.S.-owned media outlets, Richard Stengel, supports restricting free speech and creating new guidelines that would make “hate speech” a crime. Read More.
Judge rules California Gov. Newsom violated Constitution with election order
"Executive Order N-67-20 issued by the Governor on June 3, 2020 is void as an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power and shall be of no further force or effect," the ruling states. Read More.

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