Pipe bomb planter still unidentified one year after Capitol riot
One year after the Capitol riot, the person who planted pipe bombs the night before outside both the Republican and Democratic national committee headquarters in the nation’s capital remains unknown and at large. Read More.
Poll: Joe Manchin’s Approval Rating Strengthens After Opposing Joe Biden’s Radical Agenda
Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) approval rating among West Virginians has strengthened since opposing President Joe Biden’s radical agenda, a Wednesday Save America Coalition survey found. ​​​​​​​ Read More.
Chicago Public Schools Forced to Cancel School After Teachers Union Votes to Move to Remote Learning
The Chicago Teachers Union voted Tuesday to move to remote learning Wednesday, citing concerns over safety amid the rise in COVID-19 cases, the union said in a press release. Read More.
Mega-Vaxxed Israel Sees Record Cases: What Went Wrong?
Israel is on its fourth covid shot now and just today the country reported a new covid case record. Cases are going through the roof despite all vax efforts. What does this mean, particularly as Fauci yesterday suggested that the US was soon to go down Israel's path of endless "boosters" every few months. Read More.
FBI Conducted over 38.8 Million Gun Background Checks in 2021
The FBI conducted over 38.8 million National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks during 2021. Read More.
Schumer: Senate to vote on filibuster change on voting bill
WASHINGTON (AP) — Days before the anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the Senate will vote on filibuster rules changes to advance stalled voting legislation that Democrats say is needed to protect democracy. Read More.
Federal judge blocks Head Start vaccine, mask mandate in 24 states
(The Center Square) – A federal judge in Louisiana has blocked President Joe Biden administration’s vaccine and mask mandate at Head Start preschools, granting a preliminary injunction for the 24 states involved in the lawsuit. Read More.
Narrative Implosion: German Authorities Report Most Omicron Cases Among Vacccinated
Germany's official government health authority reported last week that 90 plus percent of new Omicron variant cases are among vaccinated individuals, obliterating the long-repeated claim that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Read More.
CDC's latest guidance raises more doubts about Biden's pandemic response
President Joe Biden's coronavirus pandemic response is facing a new wave of questions after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its mitigation guidance earlier in the week. Read More.
Gold Star Father Charles Strange questions the deaths of SEAL Team 6 in Afghanistan
Explosive new book ‘Relentless: A Gold Star Father’s Pursuit of Truth' questions the Taliban shoot down of Extortion 17. 30 Americans died in a helicopter crash and evidence suggests it was a set up linked to the Osama bin Laden raid in 2011. Read More.
Florida surgeon general says Biden admin is 'actively preventing' distribution of monoclonal antibody treatment amid Omicron surge
The Biden administration is "actively preventing the effective distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments" for treatment of COVID-19, according to Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. Read More.
Fauci's Amazing Golden Parachute - Will He Jump?
Thanks to a FOIA request we now know that Biden's covid czar Anthony Fauci will, when he retires, enjoy the highest pension in US history! He will be pulling in more than $350K for his 50+ years of "public service." But according to Fauci he has no plans of leaving: in a recent interview he said that him retiring now, before covid is defeated, would be like the US leaving in the middle of World War II. Read More.
Biden Surrenders on Covid - Can We End Federal Mandates Now?
President Biden told US governors this week that there is no federal solution to the ongoing covid "crisis." "It's up to all of you," he essentially told them. Read More.
New York on Pace to Record Second-Highest Level of Gun Sales Ever
New York is on pace to record its second-highest level of annual gun sales ever as 2021 draws to a close. Read More.
'Thousands Died Because Fauci Ignored Natural Immunity' - With Special Guest Sen. Rand Paul
Exclusive! Senator Rand Paul joins the Liberty Report to discuss the massive errors - driven by arrogance - committed by White House coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci's insistence on ignoring natural immunity and his refusal to consider therapeutics have cost thousands and thousands of lives! And here's a bombshell you'll only here in today's Liberty Report: Sen. Paul's shocking explanation of why the coming mid-term elections will be Fauci's worst nightmare! (adsbygoogle = [...] Read More.
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