FBI charges former FreedomWorks organizer over Jan. 6 riot, says in Capitol less than 4 minutes
FBI also conducted surveillance on Brandon Prenzlin in June at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport as part of its case. Read More.
“Huge Findings in Arizona – Undeniable Evidence of Fraud! A Major Criminal Event”
Earlier today we reported the initial results from the historic Arizona Senate forensic audit found AT LEAST 50,000 fraudulent ballots in Maricopa County. Read More.
Feds Give Planned Parenthood Millions in Pandemic Relief After Ruling it Ineligible for Gov’t Aid
The Biden administration used the COVID relief package to give tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood even after the federal government determined the billion-dollar abortion provider was ineligible for the program. Read More.
Hundreds of Navy SEALs are being denied religious exemption from Covid jab
One fourth or more of all Navy SEALs are in danger of being blocked by the Pentagon from being deployed after refusing to receive the Covid vaccination, a report said. Read More.
NEWS RELEASE: ‘American Freedom Tour’ featuring Trump Jr., McEnany coming to Jacksonville
A speaking tour featuring Donald Trump Jr., former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and political commentators is coming to Jacksonville in October. Read More.
Pennsylviania college tells students 'action could be taken' for using wrong pronouns
Point Park University in Pennsylvania told incoming students that "action could be taken" against them if they do not respect the personal pronoun choices of their classmates. Read More.
Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines
White House claims anything but dishonourable discharge for refusing vaccines would “detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline.” Read More.
Fired High School Football Coach Appeals Prayer Case to Supreme Court
Attorneys for Joe Kennedy, the Washington state high school football coach fired in 2016 for praying briefly with members of his team after games, have petitioned the Supreme Court to hear his case and to reverse a lower court decision. Read More.
More Radical Than Roe: House Abortion Bill Would Repeal Existing Laws, Prohibit Future Pro-Life Laws
In response to pro-life policy victories like the Texas Heartbeat Act and an upcoming Supreme Court case asking the justices to provide a constitutional course correction to America’s arbitrary and unworkable abortion jurisprudence, pro-abortion legislators in Congress are advancing a deceptively named piece of legislation called the Women’s Health Protection Act. Read More.
Nevada U.S. Congressional Candidate and Iraq War Veteran Calls General Mark Milley A ‘Clear and Present Danger’
Nevada U.S. House of Representatives candidate Noah Malgeri appeared on Big League Politics Live to forcefully make the case that the U.S. election was stolen from President Donald Trump in 2020. Read More.
New York’s New Governor Should Listen to Pope Francis on Abortion
To the women of Texas, I want to say I am with you. Lady Liberty is here to welcome you with open arms.” Social media was all about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” dress at the Met gala. But the more important one was that of her colleague Carolyn Maloney, dressed as a suffragette. Read More.
Judge in case of anti-Trump mudslinger is married to attorney for ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page
Officials say Judge Christopher Cooper's ties to leading Democrats and key figure in discredited Trump-Russia probe should disqualify him from case of Michael Sussmann, lawyer who fed anti-Trump dirt to FBI while hiding connection to Hillary Clinton campaign. Read More.
The Future of Conservative Constitutionalism
The work of transforming the courts has done wonders, but to build further we must focus on Congress and the people. Read More.
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