Case challenging Trump ballot access dies at Oregon Supreme Court
The state supreme court said it does not have the authority to rule on the case in the primary stage, but left the door open for future petitions Read More.
More student loan borrowers will see their debt 'canceled' with taxpayers left picking up the tab
On Friday, the Biden administration announced it would move forward with another round of federal student loan cancellations, according to a White House press release. Read More.
Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Proposes Legislation Targeting AI In Music Industry
Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) proposed new legislation on Wednesday which would help protect songwriters, performers, and other music industry professionals from violations related to the unauthorized use of artificial intelligence. Read More.
WATCH: Constitutional Candidate Series - Brandon Gill
Larry Ward, Chairman of Constitutional Rights PAC talks with Brandon Gill to discuss his race, the issues with the goal to determine whether or not our PAC and donors should support his candidacy. Read More.
New Lil Nas X song promo featuring imagery of rapper as Jesus dubbed 'demonic,' 'blasphemous'
Controversial promo images released on Monday for rapper Lil Nas X's upcoming new single "J Christ" depicted the rapper as Jesus Christ on the cross. Read More.
Washington is Out of Control!
Sometimes, a single defining act becomes both the signal and the symbol that a situation has traversed the bounds of reason, that it has transgressed beyond redemption. Read More.
College Republicans of America endorses Trump for president
The organization said the decision to endorse a candidate for the primary, “typically a rare occurrence in GOP circles, underscores the exceptional nature of this electoral cycle and President Trump’s dominant influence within the Party.” Read More.
Appeals court strikes down Biden admin’s crackdown on dishwashers
A federal appeals court struck down Department of Energy (DOE) regulatory actions targeting dishwashers as part of the Biden administration's aggressive climate and energy efficiency agenda. Read More.
Greeneing of the House
The inimitable Marjorie Taylor Greene says NO to the Johnson-Schumer budget deal. Read More.
Trump campaign reacts to dismissal of attempt to remove him from Nevada ballot
“Rest assured that he will fight each and every one of these disgraceful attacks on American democracy, he will win, and we will all Make America Great Again.” Read More.
‘This Is Not Normal’: Tens Of Thousands Of Chinese Nationals Cross Border Illegally In Matter Of Months
Tens of thousands of Chinese nationals have been stopped by law enforcement after crossing over the southern U.S. border from Mexico. Read More.
Feds quietly prod businesses to use race in hiring, promotion as DEI regimes crumble
The feds appear to be prodding businesses to make race-based personnel decisions as public and private entities, prompted by scrutiny from lawmakers, donors, and public interest law firms, run away from or just rebrand their diversity efforts. Read More.
Supreme Court rejects X Corp.’s bid challenging US surveillance disclosures
The US Supreme Court on Monday rejected a request by Elon Musk’s X Corp. to consider whether the social media company, formerly called Twitter, can publicly disclose how often federal law enforcement seeks information about users for national security investigations. Read More.
Mayorkas impeachment takes center stage inside House Homeland Security Committee
Hearing Wednesday will highlight impact on the country of Mayorkas’ “failed leadership and refusal to enforce the laws passed by Congress," Chairman Mark Green says. Read More.

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