Video: Financial Oligarch Says Central Banks Will Have 'Absolute Control' of Money in Coming Cashless Society
A financial oligarch has revealed that under the coming Central Bank Digital Currencies, governments will have 'absolute control' of commerce Read More.
Ukrainian Official Confirms 'Hunt' to Kill Suspected Pro-Russian 'Losers'
Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko said "intelligence services" were killing suspected collaborators "like pigs." Read More.
Bidenomics Sends U.S. National Debt Soaring Past $31T for First Time
Biden administration borrowing has driven national debt past $31 trillion for the first time amid record inflation, rising interest rates, and recession fears. Read More.
American Democracy Is in Extremis
Commentary The 900-pound gorilla lurking in every voting place in America as we enter the last month before ... Read More.
Tucker Carlson: Nuclear war means the end of the world
Fox News host Tucker Carlson voices his concerns over the use of nuclear weapons in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and explains the horrific consequences. Read More.
Democrats Who Want To Ban Corporate PACs Took Donations From PACs Bankrolled By Major Corporations
Five Democratic members of Congress behind a bill that would ban corporate political action committees (PAC) have taken hundreds of thousands combined in 2021 and 2022 from Democratic leadership PACs bankrolled by corporations, records show. Read More.
‘Highly Profitable’: Pediatric Gender Clinics Are Opening All Across The Country
Pediatric gender clinics have popped up all over the country in vast numbers over the past 15 years, offering psychological, medical and even surgical interventions for children who feel uncomfortable with their biological sex. Read More.
FBI Whistleblowers Allege that Agents Who Kneeled in Solidarity with BLM Protesters were Promoted to Higher Rank
Biden’s corrupt FBI is no better than the worst militant police entities in history. The FBI raided the home of the President of the United States.  Read More.
Senate Passes Stop-Gap Spending Bill with $12 Billion in Ukraine Aid, $3 Billion for Biden’s Afghans
The Senate on Thursday passed a stop-gap spending bill that would fund the government through December, providing $12 billion in Ukraine aid. Read More.
Rep. Biggs Proposes Legislation To Ban Payment Processors From 'Weaponizing' Against 2A By Cataloging Gun Purchases
"Credit card companies are now weaponizing their financial systems to erode the Second Amendment rights and privacies of Americans." Read More.
Another $1.1BN In Arms Ukraine: "We Will Not Be Deterred," White House Says
On Wednesday President Joe Biden approved $1.1 billion more in military aid for Ukraine, marking the 22nd such installment, and as the US is warning Russia against following through with annexation of four territories which wrapped a 5-day referendum on joining the Russian Federation. Read More.
Durham Prosecutes FBI Informants, While Protecting Their Handlers
Since being named special counsel in October 2020, John Durham has investigated or indicted several unscrupulous anti-Trump informants. Read More.
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