The Priests, the Levites, and The Voyage of the Damned
“Israel has done more to prevent civilian casualties in war than any military in history,” John Spencer, chair of urban warfare at West Point, has said, “setting a standard that will be both hard and potentially problematic to repeat.”– Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2024 Read More.
Nikki Haley endorses Trump for president
She said while Trump “has not been perfect” on policies important to her, Biden “has been a catastrophe.” Read More.
In Illinois, automatic voter registration raising concerns about noncitizens
State senator says said that applicants who present immigration documents will not be registered to vote. Read More.
Mar-a-Lago Search and Destroy
Let’s address the controversy surrounding the shocking news that Merrick Garland and Christopher Ray authorized the use of deadly force during the FBI’s illicit raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.  Read More.
Texas sues Biden admin over workplace rules mandating preferred pronouns, trans employees access to cross-sex spaces
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has launched a lawsuit against the Biden administration for mandating that employers make specific accommodations for transgender persons such as requiring preferred pronoun usage, uniforms or dress code, and allowing males who say they are females access to women's only spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and lactation facilities. Read More.
'Indefensible': Courts finally scrutinize COVID vaccine mandates as religious infringement
Three years after COVID-19 vaccines became widely available to adults – at which point the CDC already knew they couldn't stop transmission – courts are finally starting to put their foot down on the most basic legal question: Are mandates at least applied fairly, if not scientifically? Read More.
REVEALED: Biden's FBI authorized 'use of deadly force when necessary' during Mar-a-Lago raid
It has been revealed through unsealed filings in Donald Trump's classified documents case brought by Jack Smith that the FBI was authorized to use deadly force if needed in its raid of Mar-a-Lago. Read More.
Biden’s capital gains tax plan is theft, pure and simple
The president’s proposed tax hikes are a thinly veiled attempt to finance an ever-growing bureaucratic behemoth at the expense of the productive sector of the economy. Read More.
From The Heart To The Heart
Earlier this morning, I prepared a very special video message just for you. Read More.
USA Today says to 'save America' from Trump, Biden must 'drop out of the race'
In an op-ed published on Monday titled "How can Biden save America from Trump's return to the White House? Drop out of the race," USA Today urged for Joe Biden to drop out of the race "for the good of the nation and the party." Read More.
Michael Cohen admits he stole from Trump Organization
Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former attorney, admitted while on the stand Monday that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from the Trump Organization, according to live reporting from the courthouse. Read More.
Raisi Meets Beezelbub
Those of you who remember Golda Meir’s “Wrath of God” operation will see in the death of Raisi the handwriting on the wall for all of those who organized and orchestrated the October 7 massacre. Read More.
House GOP proposes 'Let Trump Speak Act' to ban most defendant gag orders
House GOP members have brought forward the "Let Trump Speak" act to prevent judges from issues most gag orders on defendants in criminal or civil cases. Read More.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pardons man who shot and killed armed protester at Black Lives Matter demonstration in 2020
Republican Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott issued a full pardon for a man who was convicted of murdering a protester at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in 2020 in Austin. Read More.
Federal Court: Parents in Maryland School District Cannot Opt K-5 Children Out of LGBTQ Curriculum
A federal court upheld a Maryland school district policy that doesn't let parents opt their children out of curriculum on gender identity. Read More.

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