Mike Johnson's massive foreign aid bill includes $300 MILLION for Ukrainian border agents, national police—none for US-Mexico border
The $60.8 billion Ukraine foreign aid package endorsed by Speaker Mike Johnson which passed in the House over the weekend contains $300 million for Ukraine's border security as well as their national police force. The House has not come up with a plan to secure the US-Mexico border. Read More.
Facebook interfered with U.S. elections almost 40 times since 2008: Study
Facebook has interfered with U.S. elections almost 40 times since 2008, according to a study conducted by the Media Research Center. Read More.
Obituary For Conservative Inc.
I have some unpleasant news for you. The conservative movement is dead. More specifically, Washington’s “Conservative Inc” is dead. Read More.
AOC Praises ‘Peaceful’ Anti-Israel Protesters Causing Chaos On Ivy League Campuses
Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praised the “peaceful” anti-Israel protesters causing chaos on Ivy League campuses during a Monday event celebrating Earth Day. Read More.
Stacey Abrams claims 'the attack on DEI is an attack on Democracy'
Howard University professor and former Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia Stacey Abrams claimed in an interview on Monday that in the US "the attack on DEI is an attack on Democracy" as well as other institutions. Read More.
TikTok says it will sue if bill that forces owner to sell or be banned passes
A TikTok official say that if President Biden sign into law a bill that will effectively ban the popular app in the U.S. the company will challenge the matter in court. Read More.
Reporter: Potential Trump Jurors Are ‘More Left-of-Center Than Not’
Haberman's statement confirms a widely held belief among Republicans that Donald Trump will not receive a fair criminal trial. Read More.
Elon Musk to fund 'national signature campaign in support of the First Amendment'
“Given the relentless attacks on free speech,” Musk said, “I am going to fund a national signature campaign in support of the First Amendment.” Read More.
Oklahoma House passes bill making illegal immigration a state crime
If signed into law, those living in Oklahoma as illegal immigrants would be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in county jail, a fine of up to $500, or both. Read More.
Biden's education secretary vows to shut down the largest Christian university in the US
Cardona made comments during the House Appropriations Committee about cracking down on Grand Canyon University and others like it on April 10th. Read More.
Police Union Slams ‘Reacher’ Star Alan Ritchson for Smearing Cops: ‘A Job He Doesn’t Have the Courage to Do’
The National Fraternal Order of Police has some tough words for actor Alan Ritchson after the Reacher star insulted cops across the country by claiming they “get away with murder all the time.” Read More.
The Lasting Effects of the Covid Hoax
It is time to briefly face the full facts about why our autocratic (can you say “fascist”?) government perpetrated the covid hoax, what nefarious means and ends the Deep State autocrats actually intended with their execrable scam, and what comes next as the miscreants celebrate their sinister victory and feed the flames of their next oppressive conflagration. Read More.
Most Americans do not believe Trump acted illegally in New York fraudulent docs case: AP/NORC poll
35 percent said that Trump acted illegally in the case, 31 percent said he acted unethically but not illegally, 14 percent said he did nothing wrong, and 19 percent said they “don’t know enough to say.” Read More.
House committee finds Chinese government pushes fentanyl materials, fueling drug crisis
A new report Tuesday detailing the Chinese Communist Party’s role in the fentanyl crisis plaguing the country details the findings of a House investigation that concluded the Chinese government subsidizes the manufacturing and export of fentanyl materials and refuses to crack down on the illicit market. Read More.
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