Biden to create New Deal-style ‘climate corps’ program via executive order
"American Climate Corps members will gain the skills necessary to access good-paying jobs that are aligned with high-quality employment opportunities." Read More.
Consequences of ‘Defund the Police’: Big city police departments bleeding staff, unable to recruit
Major U.S. city police departments are experiencing severe shortages of police officers, fewer new recruits in the pipeline while crime rates continue to rise. Police morale continues to nosedive. Read More.
Democrats Sound the Alarm After Trump Outfoxes Joe Biden on Auto Union Strike
Democrats sounded the alarm after Trump outfoxed Joe Biden on the auto union strike with his plan to deliver a speech in Detroit next week. Read More.
America’s ‘Rainbow’ Military Is On Track To Lose Another Major War
Much like the missing F-35, our nation’s military is lost with no sense of direction or purpose. Read More.
Arrivederci Roma!
The European Union’s make-believe non-response to the illegal alien invasion of Italy closely mirror’s the Biden regime’s vacuous non-response to the miscreant’s invasion of America. Read More.
Legal scholar exposes the constitutional 'technicality' that sinks effort to disqualify Trump from ballot
Constitutional law scholar Steven Calabresi no longer believes the Constitution disqualifies Donald Trump from being re-elected to the White House. Read More.
Kari Lake files appeal in election case, alleging officials intentionally sabotaged Election Day
In the appeal, Lake alleges that the co-director of elections gave false testimony about the root causes of the problems that happened on Election Day 2022. Read More.
House moderates, conservatives strike deal to avoid government shutdown
The deal, known as a continuing resolution and that will keep the government running for at least a month, cuts discretionary spending Read More.
New Mexico Governor Folds, Removes Firearm Carry Ban from Emergency Order
With the twin tides of public opinion and legal decisions running against her, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has scrapped her plan to ban legal gun owners from carrying firearms in Albuquerque and its surroundings. Read More.
Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges in Delaware
Hunter Biden has been indited on gun charges in the state of Delaware. Read More.
AOC, other Dems drowned out by screaming protesters at NYC migrant crisis news conference
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others held event at Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, which has become a relief center for migrants Read More.
WATCH: Tucker Carlson's Speech in Utica, MI
Simply put, Tucker is one of the bravest and most honest men in America today (the other being Donald Trump). Read More.
Megyn Kelly Presses Trump On Whether He Wants A ‘Do-Over’ On Fauci
Conservative political journalist Megyn Kelly confronted former President Donald Trump over whether he regrets his approach to the COVID-19 pandemic in an interview released Tuesday. Read More.
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