Think About The Children
Throughout history, murderous tyrants have invariably first dehumanized those they intended to destroy. Read More.
Dehumanizing! MSNBC's Jen Psaki Compares Unborn Babies to Broccoli, Lumps of Coal
On Sunday’s edition of Inside with Jen Psaki, the former Biden press secretary mocked a Republican strategy session where pollsters suggested the term “pro-life” isn’t helping the GOP, so they suggested the term “pro-baby” instead. This spurred Psaki to compare babies to....broccoli and a lump of coal. Read More.
White House Sends Marching Orders To Media Execs On How They Should Cover Biden Impeachment Inquiry
The White House will demand that major media outlets cover the impeachment inquiry into the president announced by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday with “scrutiny,” according to CNN. Read More.
A Yawn For A Yarn
Kevin McCarthy says he will launch an “impeachment inquiry” into the patently criminal behavior of crime boss Crooked Joe Biden. Read More.
Kevin McCarthy to Push Biden Impeachment Inquiry as ‘Logical Next Step’
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will inform House Republicans on Thursday an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is the “logical next step” in the investigation of the Biden family. Read More.
CIA tried to pay off analysts to bury findings that COVID lab leak was likely: whistleblower
The Central Intelligence Agency offered to pay off analysts in order to bury their findings that COVID-19 most likely leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, new whistleblower testimony to Congress alleges. Read More.
Trump leads Republican rivals by nearly 50 points: poll
The September survey revealed modest bump in support from Trump, who gained 3% over his August figures. Read More.
On the Wings of Eagles
On September 11, 2001, the United States faced a crisis of existential proportions. Read More.
Gun Owners of America Sues over New Mexico Governor’s Concealed Carry Ban
Gun Owners of America (GOA) filed suit over Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s (D) ban on carrying a handgun in public in Albuquerque and other New Mexico cities. Read More.
Harvard was ranked last for free speech. Here’s what the students are saying
One student said free speech was not encouraged at Harvard, but later asked to remain off camera out of fear of backlash Read More.
Trump signals he may seek to move Georgia election case to federal court
Former President Donald Trump may try to move his Georgia election interference case to federal court, his lawyer said in a court filing Thursday. Read More.
Biden facing mounting criticism from Democrats over handling of border, fearing voter backlash
Border Patrol encounters at the southern border alone jumped 27% from June to July, according to CBP data. The issue has increased in importance to voters across the board, most notably "independents" who the Democrats hope to pull to their side in upcoming elections. Read More.
Liberal group files lawsuit in Colorado to keep Trump off the GOP primary ballot and 'any future election ballot'
A liberal activist group based in Washington, D.C., that claims to want to "shore up our democracy against attacks" is working to keep President Joe Biden's top rival off the ballot in Colorado for the 2024 election. Read More.
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