Trump Might Just Enter 2024 Election Unscathed As Court Dates Are Delayed, Legal Attacks Falter
As former President Donald Trump’s legal difficulties continue to stack up, scheduling conflicts and trial delays offer relief and highlight an emerging path for him to enter the 2024 election without facing a potential conviction, should he be the Republican nominee. Read More.
California man stripped of gun permit after defending himself, family from armed robbery in driveway
“I used to walk into this house and see this beautiful house that I built for my family, and now I walk into a war zone.” Read More.
Hunter Biden kept afloat with millions from father's Democratic donors after foreign money dried up
Money flowing to Hunter Biden from various sources helped pay off first son’s tax debts, child support and high-dollar rent since Joe Biden began running for president Read More.
Michigan Judge Dismisses Attempt to Block Trump from 2024 State Ballot
In a significant legal development, a Michigan judge on Tuesday dismissed a challenge aimed at preventing former President Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot for the 2024 presidential election. Read More.
Jim Jordan subpoenas Bank of America over sharing customer data with FBI
House GOP investigators in May launched a probe into the bank's voluntarily providing private consumer data to the FBI after reports made the move public. Read More.
Another Sell Out
So, the Republicans in the House caved in and passed yet another massive new spending bill – without so much as a whimper, let alone a bang…  Read More.
Trump files motion for mistrial in New York civil fraud case
Trump's attorneys said that "the evidence of apparent and actual bias is tangible and overwhelming." Read More.
The malfeasant, malevolent Alejandro Mayorkas has allowed the United States to be invaded by more than 4,000,000 illegal aliens in the past two years.  Read More.
Illegals in US could cost taxpayers $451 billion per year: House GOP report
Mayorkas has ranked among the Republicans' top targets in the Biden administration due in large part to his presiding over an unprecedented surge in illegal border crossings. Read More.
Feds keep hidden books on vaccine injury reports, barely follow up: investigation
Pfizer has about 1,000 more full-time employees than CDC doing "vaccine surveillance," British Medical Journal estimates. House COVID subcommittee expresses concern. Read More.
As 'The Marvels' Bombs, Disney Doubles Down on Pushing LGBTQ Streaming Shows
The Walt Disney Company is rolling out more LGBTQ content as its latest superhero movie The Marvels crashed and burned at the box office on its opening weekend. Read More.
Less Than A Quarter Of Democrats Say They Are Better Off Financially Under Biden: POLL
American voters, including a large number of Democrats, are unenthusiastic about their financial situation under President Joe Biden following sky-high inflation raising prices, according to the Financial Times. Read More.
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