With less than two years under his belt, President Trump has managed to make a substantial imprint on the U.S. judicial system — one that could be felt for decades to come — by getting the Senate to confirm key judicial nominees

Americans should be pleased that the Russians are now being drawn into what could prove to be a long and costly effort to “do something” in the Middle East

President Trump said Tuesday that he believes North Korean President Kim Jong-un is still serious about giving up his nuclear weapons, but there’s a substantial chance that a planned summit won’t take place next month

As a former prosecutor, here’s where I think the special counsel is headed

His voters knew what they were getting, and most support him still

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday threatened to impose “the strongest sanctions in history” on Iran unless it takes dramatic steps

The Supreme Court dealt an initial blow to millions of workers Monday in the first of two major disputes this term pitting corporations against labor unions

Veteran spy Gina Haspel will become the first female director of the CIA after six Democrats joined Republicans in a Senate confirmation vote that overrode concerns about her role in the spy agency’s harsh interrogation program after 9/11

Indignant media elites and European toffs continue to scorn President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)

Last week the Trump administration took decisive action on the president’s pledge to disentangle taxpayers from the abortion industry, delivering a policy win that promotes better health care alternatives for women and may save countless lives

Anyone expecting President Trump supporters to soften up on their allegiance to the president heading into the November midterm elections is sadly mistaken

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