Purging the Marriage Penalty

A Valentine’s Day present from the federal government? It could happen

Trump Making It 'Harder' on Himself Than Necessary, McConnell Says

In an exclusive interview, the Senate's top Republican praises Trump's agenda, but says going off-message is hampering it

The First Casualty In The Deep State’s Coup Against President Trump

As we have observed in our articles “The Deep State Tries To Destroy Donald Trump” and “The Judicial Coup Against President Trump” there is an anti-constitutional coup taking place in this country

Suddenly, Friendly Reporters Are Offensive

The Trump administration is less than a month old, and former Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, the brand-new national security adviser, has resigned

NAPOLITANO: Intellectual Honesty and Political Indifference

Over the past weekend, Trump administration officials offered harsh criticisms of the judicial interference with the enforcement of the president's immigration order. The Jan. 27 order ...

Trump Stole a Page From

Donald Trump pulled off the greatest upset in American political history with his win over Hillary Clinton. In 2016, Trump repeated President Harry S. Truman’s miracle of 1948—he won the presidency, coming from behind in an election where the polls, the media, and the pundits had declared him out of the race virtually from the moment he declared his candidacy

Conservatives take a leap of faith on Gorsuch

Conservatives focused on the issues of abortion and gun rights have taken a leap of faith that appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch will share their points of view if he is confirmed to the Supreme Court

Here's why the idea of moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel remains controversial

Shortly before Donald Trump’s inauguration last month, Jerusalem’s mayor unveiled a video tribute to the incoming president for his much-touted campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump renews fight with intelligence agencies amid leaks

President Trump on Wednesday suggested the U.S. intelligence community may be “illegally” leaking sensitive information to hurt his administration, effectively ending a brief detente with agencies he previously accused of working against him

Trump, the Perpetual Underdog

ven as they encircled Trump, pouring scorn on him from their commanding heights in the arts, academia, and media, the most entitled members of the elite cast Trump during the presidential campaign as a “bully.”

Judge Nap: Trump Focused on Going After 'Harmful' Undocumented Immigrants

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently carried out 680 arrests of undocumented immigrants, 75 percent of whom have been accused of committing violent crimes, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Judge Nap to Trump: Tear Up Immigration Order and Write a New One

Senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said President Trump should "tear up" his currently-blocked executive order barring immigration from several countries and instead write a new one.

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