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Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy views spark anger, unease abroad

Some fear Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of the Obama foreign policy that has fallen short, while others warn that on issues such as trade and the willingness to intervene militarily abroad she will break markedly with President Obama.

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers Over Gun Violence

Well, there appears to be a consensus among American voters when it comes to lawsuits filed against gun manufacturers and dealers over gun violence: they don’t support them.

Some ‘Establishment’ Republicans Are Changing Their Tune on Trump

Donald Trump has caused consternation among many while on the campaign trail, yet as he inches toward solidifying the nomination, several establishment Republicans have seemingly warmed up to him.

Hillary offers ‘woman card’ to supporters as campaign focuses on gender

Hillary Clinton wants Americans to vote for her because she’s a woman and her campaign is increasingly embracing the female mantle.

Clinton’s Foreign Policy Still Wreaking Havoc In Libya Years Later

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton’s support tipped the scales that led to the Obama administration’s Libyan intervention Read more:

Curt Schilling: ESPN biased against political conservatives

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher and ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling hurled some high, hard ones at his former employer and some of his colleagues Wednesday in an appearance at “Breitbart News Patriot Forum” on Sirius XM

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End Gun Free Zones!

How can gunman end the lives of four trained Marines? How can anyone go on a murderous rampage and know with certainty that they will be able to inflict maximum damage? Why do we leave our citizens, moviegoers, mall shoppers and military base residents unarmed, defenseless and unprotected?

Because liberal “Do Gooders” live in a fantasy land where they believe disarming people and mandating “Gun Free Zones” prevents violence and evil aggression.

The lawless, by definition, do not obey laws… thus, “Gun Free” policies only prohibit the law-abiding from self defense.

It’s time we declare a National State of Emergency and End Gun Free Zones before more innocent, defenseless lives are taken — It’s time to legalize defense!

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