Rep. Steve King: Obama fueled divisions that led to shooting

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) linked former President Barack Obama to the attack on Republican lawmakers at a baseball field in Northern Virginia, arguing Obama deepened the nation's political divisions by emphasizing "differences rather than our things that unify us."

Three Takeaways From the Virginia Primary

Virginia Republicans and Democrats selected their nominees for governor and other state and local offices on Tuesday, with Ed Gillespie now set to face off against Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam for the top office

Would Trump Voters Choose Him Again?
Jeff Sessions takes the gloves off

Attorney General Jeff Sessions came out swinging Tuesday, blasting his former colleagues in the U.S. Senate for their sham investigation into these loony accusations that somehow Mr. Sessions conspired with Russians to rig last year’s election

'It's time to destroy Trump & Co.': Scalise shooter raged on Facebook

Authorities identified James T. Hodgkinson as the man who shot Rep. Steve Scalise and several others during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia

NAPOLITANO: The Consent of the Governed

Last week, when former FBI Director James Comey gave his long-awaited public testimony about his apparently rough-and-tumble relationship with President Donald Trump, he painted ...

Sessions calls allegations of collusion with Russia an 'appalling and detestable lie'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday afternoon issued a sweeping denial of any personal involvement in Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign

U.S. 'not winning' in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary tells Congress

The United States is "not winning" the war against Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told Congress on Tuesday, promising to brief lawmakers on a new war strategy by mid-July that is widely expected to call for thousands more U.S. troops

Senate set to vote on tougher Russian sanctions in bipartisan response to election interference

Senate leaders have struck a deal to toughen sanctions on Russia, a rare bipartisan accord amid multiple probes into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible coordination with President Trump's campaign

Donald Trump Is Fixing America's Asia Policy

China ascendant, America declining and endangered -- that was the narrative, reflected in the East Asia security situation, that President Donald Trump inherited

Even Democrats Can’t Fix Obamacare, Because Everything Popular Is Disastrous

The only way to make the Affordable Care Act sustainable while not eliminating its benefits is to double down on the parts people hate

Resist 45 and the Government in Exile

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the packed gun shows his extreme disjointed attacks on the Second Amendment inspired we’re confronted with the sorry spectacle of a former American President speaking against us on foreign soil

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