Democrats fighting to expand a woman's "right to choose," no matter how far along her pregnancy, claim late-term abortions are rare and done only when the woman's health or life is at stake or when the fetus has a fatal condition. That's false

A federal judge ruled in favor of Robert Mueller on Wednesday that Paul Manafort intentionally violated the terms of his guilty plea by lying to federal prosecutors and a grand jury, clearing the way for the special counsel to push for a harsher sentence

Senate Republicans took a first step Wednesday to speed up the confirmation process for most of President Donald Trump’s nominees, in a swipe at alleged Democratic obstruction

When China joined the World Trade Organization, the global fraternity of cross-border commerce, it promised to open itself up to foreigners in lucrative businesses like banking, telecommunications and electronic-payment processing

Despite what the critics say, President Donald J. Trump’s healthcare policies will improve peoples’ lives. A new analysis out this week from the Council of Economic Advisers shows large projected net benefits from the Trump Administration’s actions to expand families’ ability to purchase the healthcare that works best for them — to a value of nearly $500 billion over the next decade, which averages about $3,500 per household

The Iranian regime is using the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution to boast about its accomplishments in seeking to dominate the Middle East and threaten Israel and the United States

Government Shutdown: Is a deal about to be struck by congressional negotiators that would end the possibility of a shutdown? It's no sure thing, but it looks that way. The deal involves President Trump getting a minuscule $1.375 billion, not the $5.7 billion he requested, to build the border wall. Trump's not happy. He should take the deal anyway

President Trump declared on Tuesday that he was “not happy” about the bipartisan border security compromise negotiated by congressional leaders, but gave no indication whether he would sign or veto it before another government shutdown hits at midnight Friday.

Tax season is upon us and millions of Americans are beginning the loathed process of filing their tax forms — a circumstance that usually plagues large swaths of the population with seasonal depression. However, this year, there’s a silver lining

Way, way back in the old days before October 2018, it was racist to make fun of Elizabeth Warren for claiming to be Native American

With Beto O’Rourke as a perfect foil, Trump kicked off his 2020 reelection bid by painting Democrats as 'outside the mainstream.'

The banner headline in the Ashtabula Star Beacon the day after the President’s annual State of the Union Address was pretty straight forward. “Trump: End investigations; President calls for rejection of resistance politics in Washington.”

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