This time, the Democrats might not win

The Trump administration has announced new sanctions and penalties against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua aimed at both ending the rule of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and weakening Cuba's communist regime

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is moving to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving housing aid, saying it is acting on behalf of the millions of American citizens and legal residents who are waiting for public housing

Three weeks after a dejected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ripped the Senate Republican leader for orchestrating the death of her “Green New Deal,” Sen. Mitch McConnell has struck back, accusing the first term House member and top Democrats of waging an “economic culture war” against red America

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s hotly anticipated report not only revealed the results of his long-running Russia probe but exposed a series of clashes over the last two years within President Trump’s inner circle over the direction of the investigation and the president's efforts to curtail it

The Justice Department on Thursday morning delivered a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report to Congress

The president’s veto of a bipartisan resolution demanding the end of American involvement in the conflict further degrades our constitutional architecture

President Trump sought to boost Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) with a Twitter shout out Tuesday as the Arizona Republican faces a tough reelection battle against astronaut and gun control activist Mark Kelly

On Monday, Gov. Ralph Northam announced he would not be delivering the commencement speech at his alma mater, Virginia Military Institute, nor will he attend any other graduation ceremonies this season

The Trump administration is defying explicit legal threats the European Union privately issued last week to top U.S. officials by moving forward with its plans to ratchet up pressure on Cuba by allowing U.S. nationals to file legal claims against foreign companies that do business there

Damn that Donald Trump, he’s at it again, making a big deal out of 9/11. How dare he?

In a shocking and recent twist, college administrators are showing they won’t be ruled and intimidated by the politically correct mob. They’re sending a clear message to the snowflake generation that people have different ideas and opinions in the real world and you have to learn to be — wait for it – tolerant

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