Yes, Trump Can Win Again

There they go again.

Today, in Orlando, Florida, President Trump will make his formal announcement that he is indeed running for re-election.

And like clockwork, the same un-wisdom that insisted he could never win in 2016 is being trotted out yet again. That un-widsom is, yet again, the polls, the polls, the polls. The headlines scream: Biden beats Trump! Sanders beats Trump! Warren beats Trump! Harris beats Trump! Buttigieg and Booker beat Trump!

Right. Recall this headline from the New York Times that ran — yes, indeed — the morning of the 2016 election?

Hillary Clinton has an 85% chance to win.Got that? The very morning of the election — not 500-plus days out — the New York Times was telling its readers that Trump had a bare 15% chance of winning. The following day, with Trump now officially president-elect, Politico was headlining this:
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