World Health Organization Vax Passport Update

How would you like to live under a ruthless, reckless worldwide dictatorship – 

Ruled over by a gang of Third World zealots who have a smoldering hostility towards everything – and everyone -- in the modern Western World?

Well, say hello to the World Health Organization – to which Joe Biden is now preparing to hand over total tyrannical powers to become global Pandemic Czars…

Fully empowered to define what constitutes a “pandemic” – including, BTW, “racism” and “climate change” (surprise, surprise)…

And then proceed to lock you down, mask you up, detain you in your homes (or down at the local disease concentration camp), and generally determine every move you make (not to mention every breath you take).

Dementia Joe has already announced that he fully intends to sign the agreement turning any and all such powers totally over to the WHO (aka, Third World Central).

Unless you and I as CRPAC Patriot leaders fight back tooth and nail – until, frankly, the whole globalist hegemony is tooth and bones. 

Below is a great Biden WHO update from Reclaim the Net:

Thank you for your leadership and continued financial support.


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