Will Cackling Kamala Harris Become President?

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Make no mistake about it: 

Cackling Kamala Harris has Washington’s political elite in a full panic mode. 

In both political parties…

Twenty-four hours a day…

From the corridors of Congress to their cocktail confabs.

Which is why they will not impeach Toxic Joe Biden at any time in the near future…

Despite, as the erudite and incisive Victor David Hanson avers in the this article, is far more than well warranted.

And, in fact, in any sane day and age would be an absolute immediate imperative. 

So why won’t the political elite in the UniParty (yes, there actually is only one political party in Washington – they just operate under disparate guises to fool a gullible electorate) impeach the stumbling, bumbling, mumbling demented career criminal?

Well, again as Hanson explains, because they are scared to death of Cackling Kamala.

The Democrats because they know that in short order, she would destroy their party…

And the Republicans because they know she would equally destroy the country. 

Kamala, like her boss Joe, is a stumbling, bumbling, mumbling idiot.

After all, she did not get to her elevated position by being fast on her feet.

She got there by being flat on her back. 

To put it bluntly.

Please understand: Toxic Joe will be removed from office (one way or the other).

But, very likely not until after the first of the year, when Kamala can be obliterated in the primary season and the Demos can conveniently cast her aside. 

In short, the political elite fully intend to slow walk Slow Joe. 

At least that’s the opinion of your ever faithful servant.

We’ll see what happens – and, as usual, you and your fellow Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots will be on top of the game!

Kamala Harris by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Creative Commons

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