When in the Course of Human Events…

This week in Clews Views, we were supposed to cover the third of Constitutional Rights PAC’s “Five Pillars of Political Reform: Congressional Income Caps.

But, recently, as I referenced the Five Pillars on one after another of my daily video social media commentaries (which I sincerely hope you are following), I realized that we have a problem:

While most comments about the posts have been very gratifying and complimentary, more than a few raised a salient point I had inexcusably failed to address.

To wit: What, exactly, are the Constitutional Rights PAC Five Pillars of Political Reform – in sum, en toto -- and why are they so vitally important? 

Good question. One that I should have answered well in advance, long before I started doing my commentaries on each Pillar individually.

So, let me answer the second component of the query first. And then, I will briefly cover each of the Five Pillars, so that we all have them fully laid out for easy reference. And we can join together in bringing them to absolute fruition – sooner, rather than later.

The Five Pillars for Political Reform are Constitutional Rights PAC’s exclusive, intensive, and exhaustive program for completely restructuring the totally and terminally failed US political system.


Note that we are not out to “fix” the system. At this point, it is quite simply beyond repair. And, frankly, those Washington insider elites, including -- perhaps, especially -- the longtime DC Conservative, Inc, organizations who claim that they have a plan to “fix” the problem are actually part of the problem.

Pure and simple.

The truth is that for decades, they have gone along to get along, sucking up to career politicians, while serving as little more than factotums to a fastly and fatally deteriorating system that enabled them to pad their pockets – while picking yours!

So, at Constitutional Rights PAC, we have no interest in “fixing” the system. With the help of millions of Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots nationwide, we fully intend to totally dismantle the current political system –

And replace it with the restoration of representative government, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers – and actually working quite well until career politicians realized that they could stay in power forever, thoroughly disenfranchise the American people, and amass obscene amounts of what we call the “Three P’s of Political Chicanery”:

Power, Prestige, and Payola.

So, what are the Constitutional Rights PAC Five Pillars of Political Reform that in part and in sum will reverse the tide of degradation, end in our time, for all time, systemic abuse by career politicians, and, frankly, change the course of history?

Let’s briefly elucidate upon them, shall we?
  1.     Pillar #1: Term Limits

In 1958, then-Senator John F. Kennedy – a strong supporter of term limits – told a Boston audience, “I knew a mother who had two sons. One went off to war, and the other went off to Washington. And neither was ever heard from again.” He was right. That’s wrong. And we fully intend to put a stop to it.

That’s why Constitutional Rights PAC Reform Pillar #1 calls for six years total for any member of Congress – Senate or House. And not one minute more.

The politicians will say that they don’t have the power to enact such severe limitations. That’s a lie. A convenient, thoroughly deceptive, excuse they fall back on whenever they do not want to act. Time and again, they have proven that they can skirt the law and do whatever they wish, whenever they want. So, our instructions to them will be, “Knock off the nonsense. Get it done. And get out!”
  1.     Pillar #2: Total Recall

Politicians should feel angst and anxiety every time they cast a vote. They should look over their shoulders with mounting fear and foreboding lest the folks back home disapprove of their actions – and toss them out of office before they even have time to pack their bags.

How do we accomplish this? We do it with a system of recall elections that make ridding ourselves of errant office holders the political equivalent of wart removal: quick, complete, and relatively painless (except, of course, for the unwanted verrucae vulgaris).

Here, in brief, is the formula: If 30 percent of the voting population in a state or district sign a petition for a recall vote, the vote must be held within 90 days. And if the miscreant politician loses, he or she has two weeks kiss his Power, Prestige, and Payola goodbye!
  1.     Pillar #3: Income Caps

This one is highly controversial. And desperately needed.

In short: Members of the Senate and the House should make the exact same amount of money as the average income in the state or district they represent. And not one penny more.

At present, the average net worth of members of the Senate is $7 million. While the most Americans are no longer left with enough savings to even make ends meet in a time of emergency And half of the members of the House are millionaires.

Does anyone really think these bloated, bloviating politicians share the same financial burdens as – or, fact be told, give a rat’s patootie about – the average middle income Americans they are supposed to be representing?

Does the escalating inflation the wealthy politicians cause bother them one iota? Do the taxes they continually raise stretch their wallets thin? Does their reckless, feckless government spending, depressing the value of every fiat dollar whose printing they approve, force them to skimp on their most basic needs and do without their daily bread?

Not a chance. And it never will. Not unless they are forced to live like those they leave behind back home.

And that’s why we are demanding income caps!

Notice, by the way, that the Constitutional Rights PAC Pillar calls for “income caps,” not salary caps. That means NO OUTSIDE INCOME during the entire time the politician is in office. Live on the median income of those you claim to represent – or head on home to your palatial mansions and stop robbing the rest of us blind. Period,
  1.     Pillar #4: Session Caps

This one we can sum up in a single sentence:

Congress should be in session six months per year. And not one day more.

Any damage a politician cannot inflict upon the American people in six months, he or she is just going to have to learn to live without.

Enough said.
  1.     Pillar #5: Personal Liability

This is actually one of my favorites. It will cause many a shyster to give up his obscene dreams of political Power, Prestige, and Payola –

Because when they suddenly realize they could actually end up broke, or in jail, the lure of using their political hegemony to lord it over the average Joe and Jill will most definitely lose much of its easy pickings’ glitz and glamor.

Under the current rules of the Senate and the House, members of Congress can pretty much inflict as much personal pain on the American people in general – and targeted individual victims in particular – as their venal nature craves. And so, they act out their worst instincts, secure in the knowledge that they cannot be held personally responsible for their malevolent misanthropy.

Well, there is a solution for that, isn’t there?

And that solution is to make every member of Congress personally liable for every action they take on the floor, in committee, or in the sordid confines of their inner offices.

In short, when a member of Congress casts a vote, or even makes a statement, that costs good, decent American citizens their “lives, fortunes, or sacred honor,” the politician should know everything he has is also at stake. And could soon be gone. Forever.

Fair is fair.

So, that’s it.

Never before in history has a political organization openly established such a rigorous – and essential – platform for real and lasting change as Constitutional Rights PAC’s Five Pillars of Political Reform.

And never before in history has it been so desperately needed – if the nation we love is to survive the current egregious assault by career politicians and reemerge as the “home of the brave and the land of the free.”

We have reached a point in the “course of human events” when it “becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another.”

And the time to get started is now.
flag of America by Donovan Reeves is licensed under unsplash.com

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