USA Today says to 'save America' from Trump, Biden must 'drop out of the race'

In an op-ed published on Monday titled "How can Biden save America from Trump's return to the White House? Drop out of the race," USA Today urged for Joe Biden to drop out of the race "for the good of the nation and the party."

Jeremy Mayer, an associate professor at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government, wrote for the outlet that Biden and GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump are "the two oldest and among the most unpopular candidates in our history," adding though that it "doesn’t have to be that way."

The Republican Party, the piece stated, is "stuck with former President Donald Trump" unless he "dies or is incapacitated medically," adding that he "may have to win to stay out of jail."

"But there is a way for President Joe Biden to step aside, to voluntarily remove himself for the good of the nation and the party."

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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