Undecided voters pan Harris' 'condescending reactions' as both sides claim win in VP debate

Undecided voters panned Sen. Kamala Harris' "condescending reactions" to Vice President Mike Pence in Wednesday night's vice presidential debate while national leaders from both parties claimed victory for their respective candidates.

As the vice presidential candidates clashed onstage at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Pollster Frank Luntz at the L.A. Times conducted a focus group of undecided voters throughout the 90-minute exchange. By the end, they'd rendered their verdict: "I might get #cancelled for this, but my undecided focus group doesn't like how Kamala Harris interacts with her opponent," Luntz posted on Twitter. "We saw this in the Dem debates – she is applauded for her knowledge, but they just don't like her 'condescending reactions.'  #VPDebate"

Luntz also reported his focus group's take on Pence: "My undecided voters think Mike Pence is more professional, but that he looks tired," Luntz tweeted. "They think Kamala Harris is more passionate, but her reaction-faces are really bothering people. #VPDebate" 

In a bizarre moment, a fly landed on Pence's hair for a couple minutes, drawing much attention online.

Kamala Harris by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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