Trump praises ‘very strong’ Supreme Court arguments in Colorado case

Speaking at his Mar-a-Lago residence on Thursday morning, Trump said he thought his team's arguments in the case to keep the 2024 GOP frontrunner off the ballot, were "very, very strong." The press conference came after the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case, brought forth on an appeal after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump could not be on the ballot over violations of the 14th Amendment.

Trump said the hearing at the Supreme Court was a "beautiful thing to watch in many respects," adding "it's unfortunate that we have to go through a thing like that I consider it to be more election interference by the Democrats is what they're doing."

"So, I'll just say that in watching the Supreme Court today I thought it was very - it's a very beautiful process. I hope that democracy of this country will continue because right now we have a very, very tough situation with all of the radical left ideas, with the weaponization of politics. They weaponize it like it's never been weaponized before. It's totally illegal, but they do it anyway. And it has to stop."
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