Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

The malfeasant, malevolent Alejandro Mayorkas has allowed the United States to be invaded by more than 4,000,000 illegal aliens in the past two years. 

In short, the Secretary of Homeland Security has deliberately and defiantly sold out our country.

And now, eight RINO treightors have joined him in selling out our both our country -- and our cause. 

Make no mistake about it:

If ever a career politician – with absolutely no loyalty whatsoever to the country he allegedly “serves” – deserved to be impeached, it is Cuban-born Alejandro Mayorkas.

His entire job is protect the US border. 

And, instead, he has thrown it wide open to his compatriots from throughout Latin America.

Let’s put it this way:

Let’s just say you had an office building in a rather shady neighborhood, and you ordered a security guard to protect it from the criminal element –

But, instead, your “security” guard threw open the doors, threw open his arms, and invited hordes of the criminals to invade the premises, steal everything in sight, and set up housekeeping in your own office.

Do you think he ought to be fired?

At the very least?

Well, that is precisely what Alejandro Mayorkas has done for well over two years now – to the tune of 4,000,000 illegal alien criminals –

And, yet, these eight Republicans voted to protect him -- and provide him cover!

In the videm embedded above is the reaction of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene – the courageous, patriotic leader who introduced the articles of impeachment…

And I think you and I will readily agree with every single word she says:

Let’s be blunt, shall we?

The eight RINOs who voted to support Cuban-born Alejandro Mayorkas in destroying America’s sovereignty have betrayed our trust – 

And our country. 

As President of your Constitutional Rights PAC, I could ask you to join me in contacting the Treightors and tell them how your really feel. 

I know you would very likely do so – and I deeply appreciate that.

But, I won’t do it, because… well, some people just aren’t even worth talking to, are they? 

So, instead, I will ask you to do this:

Constitutional Rights PAC PATRIOT CALL TO ACTION

Call the office of the courageous, patriotic Marjorie Taylor Greene -- (202) 225-5211-- and let her know how much you deeply appreciate her standing tall, speaking out, and doing all in her power to protect our precious border. 

MTG is the person the radical left politicians and their lapdog media like to denigrate and ridicule most. So, let’s show her that when she stands tall, we stand with her!  

Thank you for being a strong, consistent Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot in these troubling times. 

And thank you for your continued support of your Constitutional Right PAC!

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