The President Heroically Said The Words That Tortured Americans Have Been Waiting To Hear

Fear is the lifeblood of power.

Turn on the approved media and your senses will be bombarded with nothing but fear. Like a stream that eats away at a mountain, the stream of authorized "news" is meant to eat away at your resistance to political power.

Let your guard down, be afraid, and you instantly become easy prey for those who want to take what you have, and who want to treat you like their pawn.

As Ron Paul has pointed out a million times, the political class doesn't generate wealth. If they're going to become rich beyond their wildest dreams, they're going to have to take it from the people who create wealth.

How successful could the political class be if they had to deal with a population of unafraid individuals, who guarded their liberty with their lives?

How could they loot and push around such 'rugged individuals'?

They couldn't!

You need a population softened up by fear and afraid of their own shadows in order to loot and abuse them.

This is why one should NEVER sacrifice liberty for promises of "security" or "safety." As so many have said before us, you will only end up empty-handed. You will lose your liberty, your security, and your safety.

Do not the events of 2020 prove this fact of life in spades?

All year long, Americans have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for politicians to tell them that it's OK, that you can return to your normal life.

It's a shame that Americans have been conditioned to run to politicians in the first place, but we have to deal with reality as it is ... At the present moment, Americans want confirmation from authority. 

But confirmation they would not get, and the results couldn't be more predictable...

'Just two more weeks...'

'Won't be any longer than just a few months...'

'Beginning of 2021...'

'Third quarter of 2021...'

And then, the grand slam arrived:

'NEVER! ... Things are NEVER going back to normal! ... If you think you're going to back to January, YOU must have some kind of psychological problem!'

Nothing is new under the sun...Give power an inch, and it'll eventually attempt to take it all!

This is the situation that Americans have found themselves in; instructed that they are now supposed to live their lives in a state of perpetual fear.

Heck, if the Swamp is able to pull off 'endless wars,' why not 'endless fear of a virus' too? Do you know how much surveillance and social engineering can be attempted in such an environment?

It is into this cesspool that President Trump stepped in and heroically provided the words that every tortured American has been waiting to hear: "Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life."

Liberty is fragile. 

It is always under attack...Always!

America has experienced a heavy dose of what happens when Liberty is sacrificed to fear and handed over to the political classes.

It's misery....Literally!

This should never (ever) happen again.

Liberty must be vigilantly guarded.

Donald J. Trump by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
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