The Inversion of Truth

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots,

The most recent Gallup Poll indicates that a full 55% of the American people have now turned on Israel and cast their lot with the terrorist gang Hamas. 

And, of course, the politicians at the helms of the vast majority of nations worldwide have eagerly jumped on the Hamas bandwagon.

Never mind the heinous, depraved Hama massacres and hostage taking of the innocent on October 7.

Never mind the more than 20 years of Hamas attacking Israel and launching tens of thousands of missiles into Israeli cities and towns. 

And never mind the Hama charter calling for the wholesale destruction of Israel and the brutal torture and murder of Jews “from the river to sea.”

Now, Israel, in a fight for its very existence, is being angrily condemned for taking the war to its savage enemy.

And that savage enemy is being coddled, protected, and welcomed into the arms and hearts of political leaders worldwide – and, shockingly, now even a majority of the American people.

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