The Fani Travesty

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

In the past few days, I have received a plethora of emails, text messages, and even phone calls asking me what I thought of the ongoing Fani Willis travesty.

The woman has clearly been exposed as a vile creature who will stoop to any debased level to accomplish her evil machinations. 

She is, in a word, “repugnant.”

In every way imaginable. 

But, rather than have me go on with my personal screed concerning this patently pernicious person, I think you would be better served by seeing three outstanding videos that seem to sum up the entire travesty she has now perversely spawned.

Each is from the Alternative Media (puh-leeze tell me you no longer watch any of the lying, licentious, over-blown, and under-talented Mainstream Media)…

And each of those in the videos below, from his or her own unique perspective, will greatly enlighten you on what Willis and her malevolent co-conspirators were actually up to – 

And how they were caught in the act of malicious, mendacious, avaricious, and iniquitous prosecution of former President Trump. 


(And I will give you my prediction as to the trial’s outcome right after the videos.)

First, from the woman who went from the fox of Fox, to the bane of NBC to, now, the reigning Queen of Podcasts – HERE is Megyn Kelly:


Second, from the ever entertaining and informative Officer Tatum (whose take-no-prisoners podcast is a Must Watch and Subscribe to!) – right HERE:


And finally, from the inimitable Michael William Lebron (aka: Lionel), an expert Alternative Media legal and media analyst who is, quite simply, mesmerizing – click HERE:


I think that more than covers the Fani waterfront – where her boat (and those of her co-conspirators) should be sinking like the Titanic. 

However… I promised you my prediction, so here it is:

The judge, who has operatively defined “weak-kneed” throughout the entire trial, worked for the repugnant Ms Willis for four years… he twice contributed to her campaigns… and he considers Fani his dear friend (now, just ask yourself: Would you befriend a vile, arrogant, overbearing and thoroughly repugnant creature like that – or, for that matter, let her anywhere near your children, nephews, nieces, or even the family dog?).

So, I fully expect that the ever-effete Judge  McAfee will find a way to either exonerate Fani, et al, altogether, or cite the least onerous offense (only in order to save some face), lightly tap the gavel, and then sashay out of the courtroom to celebrate at a nearby bar with Fani’s liberal friends.  

We shall see. 

Pray to God that I am wrong.

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