The Crackhead Hunter Decision

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

I hate to rain on everyone’s parade –


You are a Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot leader, and other folks look to you for guidance and direction on all matters political –


Please do not let yourself be lured into thinking that yesterday’s court decision in the Crackhead Hunter case was nothing short of a stunning defeat for the career criminal.

The fact is – as you will discern in the video embedded above by our friend Andrew Napolitano – the judge actually may have done young Mr. Biden (and his crooked father as well) a huge favor when she raised the issue of the “Entire Controversy Doctrine.”

Now, the Bidens can get together with Crackhead Hunter’s entire legal team – yes, including Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray – and make sure the lad’s plea bargain leaves no stone untossed.

In short, check out the video – and see for yourself if you don’t agree that, perhaps, the fix may once again be in with our entirely corrupt legal system.

Just something to think about as you provide your own astute insights for those who follow your lead.

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