The Bridge Collapse

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Raise your hand…

If you are one of those who still believes the Biden Regime’s hastily concocted cover story that Baltimore’s Key Bridge was accidentally caved in by errant freighter run amuck.

Okay, okay… 

As my dad’s fire-and-brimstone evangelists used to say: “I see that hand. Is there another?”

But for the vast majority of the highly astute Constitutional Rights PAC Nation Mensa masters–

Those who fully realize that the American people are once again being taken for a tragic ride by Toxic Joe and his band of merry miscreants –

I submit the stark and stunning video embedded above by our good friends Clayton and Natali Morris over at 

Take a gander at the video –

Then, grab your Tinfoil hat!

Let me put it this way for the Constitutional Rights PAC NATIONS citizens extraordinaire to pass along to the few remaining Bideniacs: 

“If you really believe that the Key Bridge came tumbling down all due to ‘pilot error,” I used to have a bridge in Baltimore I’d like to sell you!”


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