Tell Joe No!

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

For normal, good, decent Americans, it is axiomatic, isn’t it? --

Only girls should be allowed to play girls’ sports.


Not guys who are so mentally ill that they have decided to cross-dress and call themselves girls.

And certainly not self-mutilators who have neutered themselves and shot up their bodies with so much estrogen that they sit around bemoaning their monthly cycles.

Most of us would agree that people like that deserve a special place of their own…

And it is most certainly not in the girls’ locker room.

But, not Joe Biden.

Toxic Joe has already announced that if the just-passed House bill protecting girls’ athletic rights reaches his desk, he can’t wait to veto it.

And, frankly, that is because as I am about to show you, Joe Robinette Biden is a very sick man, whose opinion of women is decidedly appalling.

To help put it all in perspective for you, please watch the excellent Fox News video (embedded above) of the House Republicans announcing the passage of the bill banning “trans athletes” from women's sports.

I urge you to watch the video.

Because I don’t believe that any American in his or her right mind could possibly disagree with the salient points these good, decent House members make.

But, before you watch it, let me take just a moment of your time to also share with you why the phrase “in his or her right mind” quite simply does not apply to Joe Biden.

In fact, when it comes to the treatment of women, Joe Biden has a long track record of callous abuse – and even outright perversion.

Lest you have any doubt about that, I urge you to read the passage below from the Washingtonian magazine article about Joe Biden written by Kitty Kelley in June 1974.

But, please, brace yourself – because his remarks about his recently deceased wife, killed in a car crash, will absolutely turn your stomach.

No real man that I have ever met – and I have a feeling you will soon agree with me -- would ever talk about his wife in the manner below… whether she is dead or alive.

And it helps explain Joe Biden’s total disdain for the young female athletes whose sports he has now vowed to destroy with his veto.

This, in short, is despicable:

“Neilia was my very best friend, my greatest ally, my sensuous lover,” Biden says. “The longer we lived together the more we enjoyed everything from sex to sports.

“Let me show you my favorite picture of her,” Biden says, holding up a snapshot of Neilia in a bikini. “She had the best body of any woman I ever saw. She looks better than a Playboy bunny, doesn’t she?

“My beautiful millionaire wife was a conservative Republican before she met me. But she changed her registration. At first, she didn’t want me to run for the Senate… she stayed at home with the kids while I campaigned but that didn’t work out because I’d come back too tired to talk to her. I might satisfy her in bed, but I didn’t have much time for anything else.”

Washingtonian Magazine, June 1974

Who in God’s good name talks about his own deceased wife like that – or, frankly, any other woman they truly respect?

You and I both know, that is simply perverse.

And it starkly reveals the sick soul of Joseph Robinette Biden.

The House bill protecting girls’ sports now goes to the Senate where it is about to face a tough battle.

I urge you to call your Senators and tell them in no uncertain terms that girls' sports are not for boys…

That you expect them to be able to tell the difference –

And vote accordingly!

This is a battle good, decent Americans cannot afford to lose – for the sake of our children for generations to come.

Call now – and tell your Senators to tell Joe “NO!”

His perversity ends right here. And now.
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