Study claims harms of COVID-19 vaccines 'profoundly outweighed' benefits; calls for moratorium on mRNA shots

A new peer-reviewed study in a Springer Nature Group journal has painted a damning picture of the global COVID-19 vaccination campaign along with the novel mRNA products at its core — vaccines millions of Americans were compelled to take if they wanted to keep their jobseat in publicstay in schoolremain in uniform, or visit their loved ones.

According to the study, published on Jan. 24 in the PubMed-listed open access journal Cureus, standards were dropped, corners were cut, and red flags were missed in the testing, authorization, and ultimate deployment of the COVID-19 vaccines. The result: a product with an "unacceptable harm-to-reward ratio."


Extra to hinting at possible ulterior motives driving the decision to rush out the vaccines in a fraction of the time conventionally figured appropriate, epidemiologist M. Nathaniel Mead and his co-authors — including Texas cardiologist Peter McCullough — wrote that the vaccines "evaluated in the trials were not the same products eventually distributed worldwide."

Covid-19 Vaccine by Daniel Schludi is licensed under Unsplash
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