Say No To Open Borders Bill!

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

The Schumer-McConnell Open Border Bill is an abomination.

It erases America’s southern border.

It destroys America’s sovereignty.

And it brings an end to America as a free and independent nation. 

That’s why fellow globalists RINO McConnell and smarmy Chuck Schumer support it.

And that is why you and I and other Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots nationwide must take the lead in absolutely and unequivocally opposing it – 


As of this moment, shifty Mitch is saying that he will recommend that Senate Republicans block the Open Borders bill when it comes up for a procedural vote on Wednesday…

But, you don’t believe a word he says!

He is simply angling for time to build up support. 

Remember, this is the same man who for weeks has been telling us that the bill would end the illegal alien invasion of our country –

While in reality, as Steve Turley’s excellent video above reveals, it actually throws open the door to a stunning 5,000 criminal invaders a day – 

And allows Biden and Mayorkas to escort in even more! 

As seasoned political pros, Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots like you know not to trust McConnell, Schumer – or any other Washington elite politician.

That’s why we need to send them the message NOW:







Are you ready to once again take the lead?

Are you ready as a Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot to – once again – make your move to Make America Great Again?

I know you are… so here is your exclusive:

Constitutional Rights PAC Call to Action

Call the office of Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell NOW --  (202) 224-2541 – and tell him in NO uncertain terms:

“Kill that Open Borders Bill NOW! We don’t want it. We won’t stand for it. And if it passes the Senate, we will defeat at the polls every single Republican that voted to erase our border and destroy our sovereignty. Period!”

If Mitch’s message taker wants to defend the sellout, don’t even bother. You are an employer giving his employee his marching orders. No need for debate. Or for further discussion.

PS: If you have a Republican senator, call their office with essentially the selfsame non-nonsense message. You can reach them through the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121.  

Remember: Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer joined hands in lying to the American people about this bill.

Time and again.

That’s why they tried to rush it through without even giving its opponents time to read what was really in it (just like Pelosi did with Obamacare).

But, this time we caught them in the act!

And, as Steve Turley explains in the excellent video above, now it’s time to stop them in their tracks:

Please don’t delay – call McConnell and your Republican senator now. 

The Schumer-McConell Opens Borders Bill must be stopped.

The future of our nation is now at stake.

And it is high time to say:

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