Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Like Father, Like Son?

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Predictions are always risky.

But, I know that Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots like you always like to be on the cutting edge and in the know…

So, I am going to make a prediction that at the very least will give you fodder for some hot debates among your family members and friends…

And -- if I turn out to be right (a big if, I know) – could elevate you to the status of a modern-day Nostradamus!

You ready?

Okay, then here it is – my “Fearless Forecast for Plucky Prognosticators” (and please remember, this is a prediction, not an endorsement): 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is going to be the next president of the United States.

Remember that you heard it here first (or, if I’m wrong, forget you even heard it at all).

Seriously, both my instincts and experience tell me that this is a tide that cannot be stopped.

And I will give you seven succinct reasons:
  1.     Joe Biden is an absolute unmitigated disaster. Old. Infirm. With toxic senility. The Democrats want to dump him in any way, shape, or form they can. And the Kennedy name is Democrat magic.
  1.     RFK Jr is saying all of the things the American people most want to hear: the Deep State is a mortal danger to personal freedom, it’s time to end foreign wars and bring the troops home, and the Middle Class needs to be once again respected and honored (not to mention the fact that he led the fight against the covid hoax).
  1.     The are 69.6 million Baby Boomers (such as I) toddling around out there, many of whom, misty-eyed and nostalgic, will gravitate towards him as the reincarnation of their Jack and Bobby “Glory Days.”
  1.     The under-50s will gravitate towards him because he is not an obnoxious old octogenarian.
  1.     He will energize his base with a throwback campaign that electrifies the nation with the Kennedy mystique and magic.
  1.     He is a Kennedy – and Kennedys know how to win.
  1.     “There is a tide in the affairs of men / Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune… / On such a full sea are we now afloat / And we must take the current when it serves.” – William Shakespeare
Why am my sharing all of this with you?

Because you are a Constitutional Rights PAC leader, whom others look up to for information, insights, and influence.

When you talk, they listen.

And rightly so.

So, at the very least, this will give you something to talk about –

And I have a feeling those around you are going to be increasingly impressed with the analysis you are about to offer.

Enjoy the very instructive video embedded above– if nothing else, it reveals the Kennedy family charisma that I predict RFK Jr is about to parlay in spades!
RFK - What Could Have Been by Free Documentary - History is licensed under

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