Republicans must say no to expanded Capitol Police role

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  • Source: The Blaze
  • 05/22/2023

The Capitol Police couldn’t even defend their own building, nor could they defend Pelosi’s San Francisco home from an illegal alien hammer man, but somehow, they have now established national offices to monitor U.S. citizens outside their jurisdiction? Now they want more money and authority. Are you kidding me?

This week, House Republicans crafted the annual appropriations bill funding the legislative branch of government, typically the smallest and least controversial of the 12 annual spending bills. However, in that bill they plan to provide $780.9 million to the U.S. Capitol police, which is $46.3 million more than enacted fiscal year 2023 levels, which were already a whopping 22% increase over fiscal year 2022.

Furthermore, U.S. Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger has asked Congress to boost the number of field offices his agency has outside the Capitol. Citing increased violence both in Washington and in other parts of the country, Manger wants more personnel to operate outside the agency’s home base in five or six offices in the Northeast, Midwest, and the South. One has to wonder why Democrats suddenly want to massively grow the size and scope of one particular police department as they seek to hamstring every other one around the nation.

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