On the Wings of Eagles

Once to every man and nation. Comes the moment to decide, In the strife of truth with falsehood, For the good or evil side. - James Russell Lowell

The Chinese language contains two symbols for the word “crisis.” The first represents danger. The second, opportunity. 

On September 11, 2001, the United States faced a crisis of existential proportions. Unparalleled. And unprecedented. With courage born of a pioneer spirit, the American people surmounted the danger by conquering their foes. And with commitment borne on the wings of eagles, they seized the opportunity to unite anew in common cause. 

Now, 22 years later, America again finds itself facing a grave, existential crisis. A crisis unequaled in the nation’s long and cherished history. A crisis unencountered even by those who fought the most draconian of foreign despots or raised the standard to preserve the union. 

This time the danger is exacerbated all the more because it comes not from afar, but from within our own shores. Not from a nation split asunder, but in a nation put under the tyrant’s thumb. 

The danger now emanates from a willful political minority, spearheaded in Washington, but spread throughout the land, that is bound and determined to shred the Constitution, destroy individual liberty, and replace the rule of law with the tyranny of men. 

And the opportunity to oppose and offset this imposition of unbridled oppression is fleeting at best. It could soon, in fact, be lost forever if it is not seized well before another election is rendered moot by scandalous cheating and open abuse by those now wielding unyielding power. 

Make no mistake about it, those in Washington, several of the state capitals, and key major cities nationwide are fully intent upon ending in our time, for all time, even the most basic rudiments of a democratic republic. Largely ensconced within the Democrat Party, they consider free and fair elections an abhorrent obstacle to their hegemonous agenda. And they consider personal freedom a direct afront to their grand design for lockstep obedience to the greater cause of government control. 

Lest anyone on the patriotic right still believe that the crisis may yet be peaceably  resolved, that the danger may yet be assuaged, that the opportunity for reasonable compromise yet remains, consider the very nature of the hard left’s continuing, relentless, and ruthless assault. 

A political tyranny that has raised to an article of faith the brutal murder of millions of babies is not going to one day agree to kill a few less. Moloch must be mollified. 

A political tyranny that extols gender mutilation is most certainly not about to compromise by only castrating little boys and no longer eviscerating little girls (even if Budweiser, Hershey’s and Target gave them permission to).

A political tyranny that has turned once enjoyable sports events into leftwing rallies for desecrating the flag, dishonoring veterans, and disrupting the National Anthem is not about to abandon its open disdain and show even a modicum of due respect.

A political tyranny that has shredded the Constitution in a thoroughly contrived covid hoax is not going to readily abandon its newfound fascist powers and willingly return to the absolute rule of law. (Remember the mocking laughter of Deomcrat Governor Murphy when asked if his covid dictates were within the law: “I didn’t give the Bill of Rights a second thought.”)

A political tyranny that condemns all who disagree with its authoritarian policies as “domestic terrorists,” “MAGA enemies of the state,” “white supremacists,” and “dangerous radicals” (including practicing Catholics) is not going to suddenly accept dissent and restore the First Amendment. 

A political tyranny that weaponizes the entire justice system to jail its political enemies (including a beloved former President) and lock up January 6 protestors in the American Gulag is not about to agree to admit the error of its ways, cease its Banana Republic tactics, and return to a robust political system. 

In short and in sum, we have now reached the point where there can be no return to politics as usual.

Because for those on the left who are now in control, politics is now rule by decree and the outright mockery of fair elections.

And the usual is the brutal bludgeoning of any and all who dare disagree.  

There is no longer any common ground.

There is no longer any meeting of the minds. 

There is no longer the option of a reasonable compromise – because the left lies in wait to exploit even the slightest wavering of right resolve and then lies about its own intent. 

And so, as we observe the twenty-second anniversary of 9/11, the crisis patriotic Americans now face is of such an unparalleled, unprecedented, and existentially dangerous nature that there is now really no opportunity left for a return to reasonable discourse.

In this crisis, the danger can only be addressed and resolved by thoroughly obliterating the Party that has brought it all about. 

And the opportunity to save our nation and take back America must be seized forthwith if the Union itself is to be preserved. By once more conquering our foes. Again on the wings of eagles.

September 11 by Olga Subach is licensed under unsplash.com
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