Moloch’s Marionette

Phineas T. Fauci is back.

Back peddling his bogus plague.

Back basking in the bright glow of klieg lights.

Back eagerly eyeing up another greedy grasp for power, glory – and absolutely obscene personal profits. 

And as we watch him propped up on the set in his designer suits, waving around his undersized arms... Strutting and fretting about like a miniature gamecock.... And once again spewing forth his caustic, callous cloaca of doom and gloom, may of us are reminded of yet another tiny little repugnant persona from our distant past. 

Our long distant past. 

Our dimly receding distant past dominated by a cast of characters forever etched in every Baby Boomer’s mind.

Anthony Fauci, all four feet five of him, with his jerky gesturing, his sinister pseudo-sonorous locution, and his doleful, dour countenance is the very latter-day embodiment of Phineas T. Bluster  -- the Howdy Doody Show’s malevolent marionette whose single joy in life was robbing others of it.

All that Howdy, Clarabelle, Dilly Dally, and the Doodyville Peanut Gallery wanted to do was live their own lives in peace and the “pursuit of happiness.”

And all that Phineas T. Bluster wanted to do was take it all away from them… control every move they made… live his life out of their pockets… and -- for his own vile, villainous self-aggrandizement -- make their lives miserable. 

Just like the diminutive quack doctor who launched the entire covid hoax. 

That’s right, just like Phineas T. Fauci.  

Fortunately, Mister Bluster was a fictitious character who has long since departed this veil.

Unfortunately, Mister Fauci is not. 

And he has now once again returned to the TV screen to spread his venom, vitriol, and sew his self-aggrandizing panic porn through an endless spiel of highly profitable, politically motivated, power-grabbing plague predictions. 

This time around, let’s hope that the good and decent folks of Doodyville, USA,  don’t fall for it -- or for his phony snake-oil “cure-all” – that we now know is far more of a fast-tracked kill-all.  

This time around, let’s pray that the American people consign him, like his now worm-eaten pernicious prototype, to the ash-heap of history. 

Why be so harsh? Why wish such ill on this egregious little creature?

Because, quite simply, Phineas T. Anthony Fauci is the very essence of evil. 

He embodies it. 

He personifies it.

He propagates it. 

And when his smarmy smirk is not covered by a Fauci slave mask, he exudes it. 

Make no mistake about it: 

The vile little Anthony Fauci perpetrated and perpetuated the entire covid hoax. And he knowingly exacerbated what at the outset he admitted was a normally short-cycled routine winter flu by deliberately and deceptively suppressing herd, acquired, and natural immunity. 

He did so for three reasons: 

(1) To help the Deep State bring down Donald Trump – who was heading for a landslide reelection victory… 

(2) To pad his already bulging pockets (remember, he was the highest paid bureaucrat in US history -- $540,000 a year for parading around in a designer smock as a quack doctor), and … 

(3) To feed his already massive, oversized ego housed in his undersized body. 

In one of the most tragic chapters in world history, he succeeded on all three counts – laughing all the way to the bank -- and the White House… 

While his victims cried out in agony – not from the winter flu he and his collaborators blew entirely out of proportion. But from the draconian deprivations his oppressive measures imposed on hundreds of millions of Americans – and billions more worldwide – all of whom were otherwise perfectly healthy.

But, now, thanks to Phineas Fauci, were used and abused like diseased vermin.

The UN has estimated that in Africa alone, 160,000,000 people (half of them children) died, not because of covid, but because of Fauci’s deadly – absolutely unwarranted – shutdowns and lockdowns. All of which deprived the poorest of the poor of desperately  needed medicines for real, previously entirely treatable, illnesses. 

And now, almost if on cue, with another presidential election looming on the horizon, the egotistical little charlatan is back on the airwaves. 

This time, just as one would expect, he is calling for a whole new round of covid oppression… 

As he eagerly licks his evil chops for ever greater ego gratification, higher profits -- for himself and his big pharma paymasters -- and the ineluctable ironclad stranglehold his maniacal machinations would give his Deep State collaborators at the very apex of the Washington political power structure. 

On September 24, 1960, on the final episode of the Howdy Doody Show, Clarabell the Clown, who had never uttered one single word in thirteen years, turned to the camera and tearfully whispered, “Goodbye kids.”

In an instant, Howdy Doody, Dilly Dally, Flub-a-Dub, and Buffalo Bob were gone. And a feeling of emptiness filled the land.

But, one character who wasn’t missed, and never would be, was the dour, doleful Phineas T. Bluster, the dire eminence of Doodyville.

He had, at long last, ended his reign of egocentric oppression. His selfish, self-aggrandizing fearmongering and pompous posturing would finally be no more. 

And America was glad to see him go.

Now, it is , it is time for America to say, “Goodbye covid.”

And with it, to bid an impassioned good riddance once and for all, happily and far from tearfully, to Phineas T. Fauci. A vile little man who for far too long cast too large a shadow. A spiritual midget of spiteful demeanor. The dire eminence of a contrived disease. 

The very essence of evil.

Yes, Moloch’s marionette.

Dr. Anthony Fauci by The White House is licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0
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