Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Are you ready to rumble?

I hope so – because over the next six to eight weeks, your Constitutional Rights PAC will be evaluating US Senate and House races to determine where to focus our efforts to (1) take over the Senate and (2) expand the GOP majority in the House in 2024.

Just to remind you, our goals are a pick-up of six to eight seats in the Senate and a minimum of 20 in the House. 

Sound good?

Then, to help keep you abreast of our thinking – and get your feedback! -- as to where to put your Constitutional Rights PAC’s time, money, and energy (including the always-popular candidate interviews) I will be providing you “expert” outside analysis in the days and weeks ahead. 

Since CNN is the big dog in the media kennel, we’ll start with them (please see this article) – with two caveats (1) remember that they are radically leftwing biased, so be leery of their candidate descriptions, and (2) they are dead wrong about both Cruz and Scott (which the libs there likely know and only included them out of wishful thinking).

My brief comments are italicized below.

Enjoy – and please give me your all-important feedback!

1. West Virginia

Incumbent: Democrat Joe Manchin

Manchin, who won by less than three percent in 2018) is NOT going to seriously run for president – he is just feeding his immense ego. Among my fellow West Virginians, he is seen as a self-serving charlatan. Justice, though a RINO, can likely capture this seat.

2. Montana

Incumbent: Democrat Jon Tester

Trump carried Montana by 16% in 2020. Tester is seen as a Biden toady – who is so unpopular he has vacillated back and forth on whether he even wants to run again. Support from both Trump and Montana Repub Senator Steve Daines will help put him over the top.

3. Ohio

Incumbent: Democrat Sherrod Brown

With Ohio becoming increasingly conservative, the weak-on-crime Brown is in serious trouble, barely eking out a 50% approval rating (deadly for an incumbent). Trump’s and Vance’s endorsements will swing the race for whichever Repub gets the nomination.

4. Arizona

Incumbent: Independent Kyrsten Sinema

The ever-bizarre Sinema has worn out her brief welcome. Period.

5. Nevada

Incumbent: Democrat Jacky Rosen

Here's a direct quote from a recent Las Vegas Review-Journal article about Rosen: “With 2,863 registered voters in Nevada surveyed, Rosen had an approval rating of 44 percent, with 34 percent disapproving and 23 percent of respondents not knowing or not having an opinion.” That is devastating for an incumbent.

6. Wisconsin

Incumbent: Democrat Tammy Baldwin

When you are an incumbent and nearly 60% of your constituency either don’t like you or find you nebulous, you have a very serious problem. Constitutional Rights PAC needs to help the Wisconsin GOP pick the right candidate to remove this lib from office.

7. Pennsylvania

Incumbent: Democrat Bob Casey

Bob Casey is the dumbest member of the US Senate (which is saying something). He has never been popular in PA and never will be. And if he thinks he can make China a burning issue, he doesn’t know his own constituents. If the PA GOP can control the Cheap Factor, McCormick can will in a walk.

8. Michigan

Incumbent: Democrat Debbie Stabenow (retiring)

Slotkin barely won reelection to her House seat. And she has little or no support statewide. Either Tuttle or Rogers can take her out.

9. Texas

Incumbent: Republican Ted Cruz

Wishful thinking by the far left. Cruz always pulls it out

10. Florida

Incumbent: Republican Rick Scott

Florida now bleeds red. Rick will be fine.
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