LET endorses Colorado Congressional Candidate John Fabbricatore

Law Enforcement Today is proud to announce the endorsement of Colorado Congressional Candidate John Fabbricatore.

"I'm running to secure America," Fabbricatore's website reads. With his values listed as securing America, strengthening our economy, simplifying our government, and taking care of our veterans, seniors, children, it makes the choice simple.

"It is my belief that if we just enforce what is in the Immigration Nationality Act," Fabbricatore said in an interview with the Constitutional Rights PAC, "we could shut the border down...This administration is definitely not doing that. They're doing everything counter to what is in the Immigration Nationality Act, and it's making this country very unsafe."

"National defense, a strong military, and a secure border are essential for protecting our nation. I strongly believe in enforcing immigration laws within our country," Fabbricatore states on his website. "Rebuilding our economy starts with bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Invest in America first, focusing on rebuilding our infrastructure and becoming energy independent through responsible drilling. Secure and strengthen our supply chain, ensuring we never have to rely on foreign countries during emergencies.
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