Just Walk Yourself Off The Stage

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Thank God for the Alternative Media!!!

Without it, we would be left with little more than the leftwing mainstream media networks nutworks… 

Filled wall to wall with their posturing, preening talking empty heads – and, of course, their vicious distortions of all things conservative. 

We were reminded of all of this once again earlier this morning when the outstanding “Cartier Family” presented their inimitable take on last night’s Republican debate (AKA, the Runner Up Bowl). 

Sparing us the dreary specter of Chris Christie and Nikki Haley prattling endlessly on about “Trump is bad and war is good”…

The Cartier Family gave us “The Best of Vivek Ramaswamy” 

And, frankly, whether you support him or not, it doesn’t get much better than Vivek’s best (which I like to call the “Viveksection”)…

As evidenced in the Cartier video above – including what I think is the funniest line ever uttered in a political debate (which you will find above and see, so that you can judge for yourself).


Vivek Ramaswamy DESTROYS ENTIRE by CartierFamily is licensed under
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