Joe Biden stands for nothing except Joe Biden

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 07/31/2020
Former Vice President Joe Biden stands for everything – and yet nothing. His all-consuming ambition is to become president of the United States and he has shown that he will take any position necessary to reach that goal.

Biden has flip-flopped on a multitude of issues as recently as a few days ago, bending like a contortionist with the political winds in a party that is moving ever leftward, fearing he will be left behind if he puts principles over politics.

At age 76, Biden knows 2020 is his last shot at the presidency. He understands that he has to show voters who weren’t even born when he entered the U.S. Senate 46 years ago that he is the right person to deal with 21st-century challenges – a candidate for the future and not the past.

But wanting to achieve a goal too desperately can lead people to take desperate measures. In Biden’s case, he is willing to give up positions he has held for decades to get to the Oval Office. And he is protected by much of the anti-Trump media, which are focused on making Donald Trump a one-term president.

One could almost see a glow emanating from the media attention Biden has received since launching his presidential campaign. But when actually looking at his record, I believe the American people – no matter what their political affiliation – will at minimum be disheartened and in many cases completely rule him out as someone to lead our nation.
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