Hunter Biden plea deal falls apart as prosecution says first son still facing active investigation

Hunter Biden's plea deal with the Justice Department on two tax misdemeanor tax charges fell apart Wednesday after the federal judge overseeing the case said she had "concerns" about the parties seemingly linking the deal on the tax charges with the agreement on the felony firearm possession charge.

Additionally, prosecutors acknowledged in the Delaware federal court that Biden is still the subject of an active investigation, according to Fox News.

When Judge Maryellen Noreika asked prosecutors whether the deal would include a possible Foreign Agents Registration Act charge, prosecutors said it would not.

Biden had been expected to plea guilty to two misdemeanor tax crimes as part of a plea deal with the Justice Department that would have allowed the first son to avoid jail time with the approval of Noreika, a Trump appointee who has donated to both political parties.

Hunter Biden by Carlos M. Vasquez II is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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