Harvey Weinstein's conviction should remind everyone what #MeToo was really about

Harvey Weinstein’s conviction as a rapist in New York should serve as a really nice reminder that the #MeToo movement was about bringing down powerful men who, under the weight of substantial evidence and a reckoning within Hollywood and the media, finally got what was coming.

A couple of years after the initial New York Times report exposing Weinstein, though, the social justice movement has attempted, with much success, at co-opting it.

Now, every claim of sexual harassment or assault, corroborated or not, is considered a #MeToo milestone.

#MeToo was created for Weinstein (who from the start admitted to wrongdoing), former Sen. Al Franken (who from the start admitted to wrongdoing), and journalist Mark Halperin (who from the start admitted to wrongdoing). But with a sleight of hand and a helpful push from the media, almost everything is now considered a case of #MeToo.
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