Far-Left Rioters Use Juneteenth to Tear Down Statue of Ulysses S Grant Who Defeated the Confederacy

As The Hill reported, protesters pulled down the statutes of early California missionary Junipero Serra, Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote what became the United States national anthem and former President Ulysses S. Grant.

At an atomic level, it was the perfect representation of a sub-group of protester, a subgroup that desperately needs basic American history courses.

There’s no reason for Ulysses S. Grant, the general who helped the North set the slaves free, to have his memory treated like it was in San Francisco. However, his statue was toppled by modern Americans like they were Iraqis freed of the monstrous Saddam Hussein.

It’s probably worth asking at this point what kind of nation we are — and how we view our forebears. Is cancel culture now so toxic that we’re pulling down statues of former presidents who helped end the Confederacy and slavery?

Grant was a towering figure in American history who helped restore the Union, free the slaves and was eulogized by abolitionist hero Frederick Douglass. And he’s treated as if he were a communist figure like Romania’s Ceaușescu?
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