Fallon, Kimmel and Stern: Here’s the Naked Truth Behind Cancel Culture

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  • Source: Daily Wire
  • 07/31/2020
The New York Times recently spat out 3,500 words excoriating Jimmy Fallon, a feature triggered by the comic’s 20-year-old blackface sketch. The same article dismissed fellow late-night host Jimmy Kimmel’s serial blackface routines with a sentence fragment. That’s no accident.

Cancel Culture isn’t interested in forgiveness or evolution. They want to make you say what they want you to say.

It’s similar to how the media bullied Taylor Swift until she finally joined The Resistance. Now, she’s a reliable mouth piece for progressive policies. They even made a Netflix documentary about it, dubbed “Miss Americana.”

They want Fallon to follow her lead. And he seems either game or too scared to say no.

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