DeSantis Announcement

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

I have received a whole slew of emails and text messages over the past several days asking pretty much the same question:

“Once Ron DeSantis officially announces his campaign for the presidency, is Constitutional Rights PAC’s ‘Don-Ron 24’ movement dead in the water?”

Good question (just as one would expect from erudite, well-informed Constitutional Rights PAC Patriots like you), one that deserves a serious answer.

And the answer is: 

In the short run, expect a lot of ‘strum und drang’…

And in the long run, don’t be surprised to see Don and Ron raising their hands in solidarity after receiving the presidential ticket nomination at the 2024 Republican convention.

That’s just the way politics works. 

The fact is, throughout history, most vice presidents had run against the presidents under whom they ended up serving. 

And the campaigns could get singularly nasty – before the two erstwhile adversaries raised hands in solidarity at the nominating conventions. 

JFK and LBJ were vociferous adversaries before joining forces in 1960 – with the latter portraying the former as a spoiled rich kid and the former depicting the latter as an unbearable rube (neither description, in fact, being too far from the truth).

Joe Biden and Kamala, of course, Harris were never the best of friends. Harris brutally attacked Biden as a blatant racist in the 2020 Democrat debates. And there is some question as to whether the ever-unaware Biden even knew who Kamala was before Obama foisted her onto the ticket. 

In fact, all the way back to the beginning, presidents and their running mates were rarely compadres, if not outright adversaries – with the first VP, John Adams, dismissing the Father of our Country, by saying, “Talents, you say? I say, ‘What talents?’” Adding that Washington’s most “precious talent” was keeping his mouth shut. 

So, please keep all of that in mind as you watch the fairly astute video podcast from Mark Dice embedded above. 

And also, please let not your heart be troubled as the Trump-DeSantis brouhaha inevitably unfolds.

I promise you that your Constitutional Rights PAC Home Team will continue to work behind the scenes to minimize the invectives, ameliorate the wounds…

And, in the end, help bring the power-packed Don-Ron 24 ticket together for an overwhelming victory over the adversary in November 2024!

Ron DeSantis by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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