Democrats Could Rebuild the ‘Blue Wall’ in 2020, and Still Lose

President Trump’s 2016 election victory was secured, in large part, due to his ability to shatter the Democrats’ ‘Blue Wall across Midwestern states -- namely Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Democrats, unsurprisingly, have spent a tremendous amount of attention and resources in these states and were giddy when recent polling came out showing the President’s unpopularity in those states.

This is the allure of nominating a so-called centrist candidate -- like Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg -- to rebuild the Midwestern coalition Democrats fatally took for granted in the 2016 election.

But even if Democrats recapture those three states, which they may in 2020, it still does not guarantee them a victory. And they may have the moonwalking, blackface, infanticide-endorsing Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to thank.

Northam, as you will recall, faced intense backlash after a photo emerged of him in his medical school yearbook donning either a Ku Klux Klan uniform or dressed in blackface. Northam faced extremely intense political pressure to resign, but refused to do so.
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