Cowards in the Fight

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

I rarely ever, ever, ever do this.

Rarely ever. 

But, today, I am going to send you a social media video post I just did last evening –

Because I believe that what it says is so vitally important to the battle you and I have been diligently fighting for well-nigh two years now!

The essence of the video is this (and, again, I think it is vitally important):

We simply can no longer tolerate allowing the Republican “leaders” in Washington – including (okay, I’m going to say it) the money-grubbing bigwigs in Conservative, Inc – to continue selling us out on every issue… as they all the while preen and posture with empty rhetoric and endless sell-outs at every turn. 

Here, by the way, is how you can judge (which, BTW,  you have every right to do, since you are actually fighting the good fight) whether any of our so-called political “leaders” inside the Washington beltway are actually doing a damn thing:

Just ask yourself: How much flack are they taking from the leftwing media? How often do you hear liberal politicians excoriate conservative “leaders,” who spend most of their time “strutting and fretting” (and, of course, raising money)? How often do you see our adversaries openly attack our “friends” -- who talk the talk, and balk at the walk? 

The answer to all three questions, of course, is “Almost never.”

That’s why I made the video…

And that’s also why I would like for you to take just a minute to ponder the riveting and revealing message of Margaret Thatcher’s favorite poem even before you watch the video: 

Here is the video – and my promise to you is that those of us on your Constitutional Rights PAC Home Team will never be so busy sticking out our hands that we fail to stick out our necks!

Enough “preening and posturing, strutting and fretting.”

It’s time to fight back.

Let’s do this thing!

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