Conan O'Brien Mocks Jesus and Trump in Unfunny Easter Joke, James Woods Fires Back

Conan O’Brien, a comedian who’s floated on the edge of celebrity since being unceremoniously ousted from his spot on “The Tonight Show” by Jay Leno a decade ago, took a shot at returning to relevance on Sunday with a mean-spirited “joke” that aimed at two favorite targets of the Hollywood left: President Donald Trump and Christianity.

“Trump says Jesus could have avoided crucifixion by taking hydroxychloroquine,” O’Brien wrote.

O’Brien, a man who’s spent a professional career in comedy, would know that (even if some of his antics would make a viewer think he didn’t). Even if he’s pretty unfunny himself — about the worst thing that can be said about a comedian — he’s certainly not stupid.

In an apparent reference to the 2015 massacre at the Paris offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo (which had committed the “crime” of publishing a cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad), Woods implied that Conan – who has made much publicly of being the product of an Irish-Catholic family — wouldn’t have the guts to make a similar “joke” about the founder of Islam.
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