Career criminal allegedly kills 7-year-old hours after release from jail

Evidently, black lives don’t matter, at least not the ones that can’t be used as political footballs to blame police, other races, or law and order. The murder of a 7-year-old allegedly by a career criminal released from jail hours earlier for a serious crime is the true epidemic that requires political intervention. Yet you won’t see rioting, feet-washing, bowing, removal of monuments, and renaming of landmarks on behalf of this forgotten child.

On June 23, Shaquille Marshon Francis was charged with murder after he allegedly shot and killed 7-year-old Aaliyah Norris in a random drive-by shooting in North Carolina. Norris was sitting in the back of her family’s car when her life was ended suddenly by one of the growing number of drive-by shootings taking place throughout the country. Norris died in the hospital last Thursday from the injury to her head.

It’s sickening that Francis had been arrested in Rutherford County, North Carolina, that very day for pointing a gun at someone. He was released without any bond! Court records show that Francis already violated his probation and failed to show up at court for charges from previous cases.

This is the national discussion we should be having on crime and race. How many innocent black children are killed every weekend in places like Chicago by career criminals who have gun felonies and probation violations but are let out of prison?
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